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  • It’s World Penguin Day!

    A post to spread some love for our lovely penguins!

    In commemoration of World Penguin Day which takes place on every year’s 25 April, let’s take some time to appreciate our anime penguins!

  • Kemono Friends 3 Project in Production

    Primarily a game project, short original anime green-lit.

    On a Kemono Friends 2 anime pre-broadcast event which was held on 12th January, the Kemono Friends Project team have revealed their latest work, Kemono Friends 3. This time, it […]

  • Kemono Friends 2 cast comment

    Yuka Ozaki, the voice of Serval, expresses her gratitude towards fans

    We are drawing near to the first episode of Kemono Friends 2, which will air on 15 January. Yuka Ozaki, the voice of Serval, posted on twitter to express her […]

  • New Kemono Friends Unit Sings Anime ED

    Gothic×Luck's debut song

    The official Kemono Friends Twitter announced that the ending theme song for TV anime Kemono Friends 2 will be performed by new unit Gothic×Luck. The theme song is titled “hoshi wo tsunagete” (Connect […]

  • Kemono Friends 2 to Air on ANIPLUS!

    Read on for simulcast information

    ANIPLUS Asia will simulcast the all-new season of Kemono Friends 2 for the upcoming Winter 2019 season.

  • Concert: Anime JAM 2018

    Kemono Friends x Aikatsu Friends! collaboration

    Anime JAM2018 – TV Tokyo’s anime concert – was held at Maihama Amphitheater on 23 December 2018, and featured performances from Kemono Friends and Aikatsu Friends! among many other voice acting […]

  • Kemono Friends 2: New Character Reveal

    Quak Quak Quak

    Kemono Friends Twitter revealed the visual for new character Spot-billed Duck.  Yuki Kaneko is playing the role of this character for the new Kemono Friends TV anime. 

  • Trend Awards 2018

    Top monthly trending anime words on Twitter for 2018

    Every year, Trend Awards hand out awards to most-talked about subjects for a variety of topical categories on Twitter. Before the award announcements for the year on 26 December 2018, check out […]

  • Kemono Friends 2: Advance Screening

    Yuka Ozaki: "We're back!!"

    The advance screening event of TV anime Kemono Friends 2 took place at Shinjuku Piccadilly on 17 December 2018. The cast and staff – both new and returning – were […]

  • Kemono Friends 2: New Character Reveal

    A new Kaban?

    Kemono Friends Twitter revealed the visual for new character Kyururu.