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takt op. Destiny Episode Synopsis

Will their melody bring joy, or despair?

21 Dec 2020

takt op. Destiny Episode 12 (Finale) “Inheritor –Hope–” will premiere on 21 December, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on Wednesdays 18:00 [21:30 id/th].

Episode 12 (Finale)【Inheritor –Hope–】

Destiny is such a cruel thing.

However, no matter how much unhappiness the gods may bring, I will face my destiny.

For that, I will keep on fighting… Until I reach my “answer”.

Joy lies ahead of sufferings.

Now, it is time to begin the show.

This time, I will put an end to destiny.

(From a certain man’s journal)


Recap on the past episodes below:

Episode 11【Preparing for Battle –Orpheus–

The black meteorite sways along with the tune of Sagan’s hums.

The meteorite grows like a massive tree, swallowing the New York Symphonica.

Sagan has finally set out to make his dreams become a reality.

Amidst the peculiar spectacle, Takt and Destiny find Anna and Charlotte trapped within the Symphonica…


Episode 10【Teacher and Apprentice –Lenny–

Lenny reminisces the past, recalling a precious person of his. Everything he has done thus far were all for this day.

Lenny and Titan plan to reveal the truth behind everything to Takt and Destiny upon meeting.

However, an unexpected figure awaits them at the rendezvous point…


Episode 9【Family –Eroica–

Takt and the others arrive at their destination, New York.

Anna reunites with her older sister, Charlotte, who works for the Symphonica.

Charlotte begins to inspect Destiny, the defective Musicart.

However, Anna notices a change in Takt as the bruise on his right arm spreads as if eating away at his body―


Episode 8【Destiny –Cosette–

The D2 have begun to awaken.

The destruction of Takt’s hometown and the death of Cosette were all part of Shindler’s plan.

He plans to eliminate the inferior to delay the exhaustion of the earth’s resources.

After learning the truth of Cosette’s death, Takt is engulfed in rage and goes at Shindler. However, Takt is heavily injured by Hell.

Seeing Takt shed blood,a whole new emotion wells up within Destiny―


Episode 7【Truth –Noise–

Anna and Destiny sights a ravaged town in the middle of their journey.

The D2 have begun to awaken and terrorize towns and their people. It seems as though the world has returned to the time before “Sagan’s Declaration”.

Amidst the rising threat of the D2, Takt is immersed in his own thoughts.

In front of a blank musical score, Takt taps on his imaginary keyboard, desperate to compose a piece…


Episode 6【Sunrise –Rooster–

Takt and the others stop by a town devoid of young people.

The townspeople request Anna and Destiny’s help. Meanwhile, Takt hears sounds coming from an old bar as he explores the town alone.

What he heard was, without a doubt, “music”…


Episode 5【Riding –Valkyrie–

After parting ways with Lenny and Titan, Takt’s group begin driving down the wilderness, under the glaring sun. There, a D2 attack causes the transcontinental railroad to cease its operations.

A Musicart clad in white armor and a Musicart with a bewitching smile emerge from the railroad.

“Shindler,” who introduces himself as the top Conductor and “First Seat Commander” of the New York Symphonica, had brought the two Musicarts along…


Episode 4【Begin –Showtime–

On their journey towards New York, Lenny and Titan try to teach Takt and Destiny the “right way of fighting”.

However, chemistry is lacking between Takt and Destiny.

After that, Lenny coincidentally reunites with his old friend, Johnathan, who then invites Takt and the group to the place where he stays–Las Vegas.


Episode 3【Music –Reincarnation–

Cosette transforms into Musicart “Destiny” and describes herself as the one who will annihilate the D2.

After receiving a baton from Destiny, Takt tries his hand at being a “Conductor”.

It is then that they encounter Lenny and Titan, an official Conductor and Musicart duo who belong to the anti-D2 strategic base, the “New York Symphonica”…


Episode 2【Music –Reincarnation–

It all began 10 years ago. The D2 dyed a concert hall in Boston with blood in what became known as the “Boston Tragedy”.

Among the victims, Takt’s father, Asahina Kenji, was a renowned conductor who also lost his life in the incident.

Much time has passed since then. After losing his father, the boy engrosses himself in the piano, as though pouring his frustration into music.

Cosette, a girl who is the spitting image of “Destiny”, takes care of him.


Episode 1【Conductor –Creed–

4 years have passed since the cease-fire with the D2 under “Grand Maestro Sagan’s Declaration”. The world still perceives “music” as a taboo, and melodies are still banned.

In the ruins of America, a boy who grew up without ever hearing music, chances upon the sound of a piano. The black-haired boy playing the piano is “Takt”.

And as if drawn to the music, strange monsters called D2 appear, along with a girl named “Destiny”, wielding a sword in hand…

takt op. Destiny is part of the takt op. project, a media-mix project by DeNA Bandai Namco. With a mobile game slated for release in 2021, the TV anime series by MAPPA x Madhouse will premiere 2021 October

ANIPLUS Asia is airing the TV anime series with new episodes every Tuesday 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Wednesdays 18:00 [21:30 id/th].

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