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DanMachi 3 Synopsis

Join Bell and the Hestia Familia in a new Dungeon adventure!

18 Dec 2020

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III Episode 12 (FINALE) “Argonaut” will premiere on 18 December October, 24:30 [23:30 id/th], Encores are on every Saturday 20:00 [19:00] and Wednesday 18:00 [17:00].

Episode 12【Argonaut】

The Xenos falls into the trap of Hermes who wants them dead. Upon learning Hermes’ will, a group of Xenos led by Gros begin rampaging on the surface according to his instructions. Orario falls into chaos as the monsters go berserk. While Eina evacuates the civilians, one Xenos lunges towards her…

Meanwhile, one lone monster walks down Daedalus Street, seeking the man he has been fighting in his dreams…


Recap on the past episodes below!

Episode 11【Ultrasoul Battle】

The battle rages on to bring the Xenos past Loki Familia’s defenses and back into the dungeon. As Gareth joins the fight, Wiene is separated from Fel’s group with Tiona chasing after her. While Welf and Mikoto try to repel Gareth’s attack with magic swords, they struggle from the difference in strength.

Meanwhile, Bell manages to escape from Ais and regroups with Haruhime as they both proceed to search for Wiene together…


Episode 10【Invincible Breakthrough】

Bell and the Hestia Familia have decided to help the Xenos on their way back to the Dungeon via Knossos. While keeping in contact with Fels and the Xenos, preparation is underway. What await the Hestia Familia are powerful adventurers from the Loki Familia, as well as Eina, Aisha, Ryu, Hermes… and Ais.

The heated battle revolving around the Xenos is about to begin.


Episode 9【Stigma】

With the support from Asterius, the strongest Xenos, and the miracle by Fels’ resurrection magic which brought Wiene back to life, the Xenos narrowly escape death. However, the fact that Bell disrupted the subjugation of the monsters still remains.

Attracting disapproving stares from the people of Orario, Bell becomes the main object of criticism. To make things worse, news that the Xenos are still hiding in the town begin spreading…


Episode 8【The Fool Bell Cranel】

Driven to madness by Dix, Wiene exposes herself to the surface while Bell chases behind her. As he least expects, the Loki Familia appears right before him and they are ready to take Wiene down. In the face of adversity, Bell makes his decision. Fels and the Xenos join in to support Bell’s resistance, but the greatest obstacles stand before them…


Episode 7【Dix Perdix】

Going after the Xenos who have gone berserk, Fels and Bell end up in the Ikelos Familia’s base, the Knossos Labyrinth. Over there, they learn about Dix’s curse which is causing the Xenos to fight amongst themselves. The man filled with lunacy from the blood curse reaches towards Wiene…

Meanwhile at the 18th Floor, high-level adventurers Ryu, Aisha and Shakti from the Ganesha Familia are confronted with the strongest Xenos…


Episode 6【Manmade Labyrinth Knossos】

Seeking revenge for Ranye’s party, the Xenos destroyed the town of Rivira on the 18th Floor.

Following Ouranos’ plan, Bell is planted into the Ganesha Familia’s subjugation squad as he reunites with Lyd at the 18th Floor. After learning about the situation, Bell offers to help search for Wiene, but is rejected by the lizardman as he withdraws.

Ryu catches up and persuades Bell to return to the surface, but to no avail as the boy chooses to search for Wiene…


Episode 5【Ikelos Familia】

Bell and the Hestia Familia decide to leave Wiene in the care of the Xenos, who are now split into several groups in search of a new hideout.

The group Wiene is assigned to and led by Ranye, an Arachne, falls for a trap set by the Ikelos Familia as they suffer a series of onslaughts…


Episode 4【A Distant Dream】

Bell and company are warmly welcomed by the monsters who understand the human language, Xenos. Although vastly disconnected from humanity, the Xenos drink, eat and have fun just like any human—a sight that takes Bell by surprise.

Amidst the banquet, lizardman and the leader of the Xenos, Lyd, shares with Bell their relationship with the Guild, their current situation… and their true motives.


Episode 3【The Heretical Xenos】

Bell and the others manage to save Wiene from the uproar after she accidentally revealed her appearance amidst the bustling streets.

While they struggle to hide the monster underground, the Guild imposes a mission upon the Hestia Familia—to bring Wiene to the 20th Floor.

While having absolutely no idea of the Guild’s true motives, Bell has no choice but to take up the mission and dive into the dungeon once again…


Episode 2【One-Winged Monster】

Bell and the Hestia Famila have decided to take in Wiene, the vouivre girl who speaks the human language.

What is happening within the dungeon, and do more monsters like Wiene exist…?

To find answers that cannot be found on the surface, Bell dives into the 19th floor once again, this time with some help from Aisha and Ryu.


Episode 1【Wiene】

Bell Cranel and the Hestia Familia has become the talk of Orario since their victory at the War Games.

While their dungeon exploration progresses smoothly, the Hestia Familia steps foot on the 19th floor, the Large Tree Labyrinth. As Bell somehow ends up alone, he encounters and saves a girl who is being attacked by monsters…

However, the girl, crying in trembling in fear, is in fact a “Monster”…

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III is the third season of the DanMachi series written by Fujino Omori.

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime which premieres on 2nd October 2020, with new Episodes every Friday, 4:30 [23:30 id/th]. Encores are on every Saturday 20:00 [19:00] and Wednesday 18:00 [17:00].

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