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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki synopsis

Will life turn out to be a crappy game, or a god-tier game?

26 Mar 2021

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Episode 12 (Finale) “Lv. 12 – Heroine-restricted Equipment Usually Has Special Effects” will premiere on 26 March 20:30 [19:30 id/th]. Encores are on every Saturday, 18:30 [17:30 id/th].

Lv. 12【Heroine-restricted Equipment Usually Has Special Effects】

Aoi is disappointed in Tomozaki, who is now against her way of conquering the game of life objectively. To Aoi, Tomozaki’s words hold the same meaning as letting go of the controller during a game.

After the both of them part ways, Tomozaki goes back to how he used to be. Nevertheless, he ends up meeting up with Fuka after she contacts him. Back to his awkward self and without putting on a facade, Tomozaki goes on a date with Fuka. While scoring full marks on sincerity, Tomozaki realizes that he hasn’t grown one bit. Despite that, Fuka knows very well and have witnessed how Tomozaki changed since the start.

Who was the one who brought upon this change?

With that in mind, Tomozaki decides to talk to Aoi once more…


Recap the past episodes below:

Lv. 11【Sometimes a Single Choice Can Change Everything】

A test of courage sees changes in the relationship between some. Despite the plans to bring Yuzu and Nakamura together, the progress is slow while the group can only laugh bitterly and watch over them. That night, Aoi and Tomozaki gather for a recap of the stayover, but unexpectedly learn something new about Mizusawa.

How should he conquer this game of life—as a character, or as a player? Tomozaki realizes that this is a thought that would occur to anyone.

Unable to dispel his uneasiness, Tomozaki heads for the fireworks festival. This time, his mission is to “confess to Fuka”. It is time for an answer towards his journey to conquer the game of life.


Lv. 10【Multiplayer Games Are Fun in a Multiplayer Way】

It’s finally time for the summer vacation stayover. A plan to get Yuzu and Nakamura going steady is in place. On top of that, Tomozaki ponders over how Fuka mentioned that it was difficult to talk to him at times. While he worries, they reach the camp site quickly.

Tomozaki is taking on the ultimate normie event—barbequing at the riverside in the middle of summer.

The group is split into teams in-charge of cooking, setting up the tents and starting the fire. While Tomozaki used to dislike the kind of normie event where everyone work and eat together, he begins to accept it.

However, he is tasked with a difficult mission for this stayover—to “poke” Nakamura…!


Lv. 9【When You Return to the First Town After Growing Your Party, There Are Events】

Summer vacation begins, and many missions lay before the path of becoming a normie. While wary, Tomozaki decides to take on the challenges with his gamer spirit. However, the ultimate goal Aoi has set for the summer vacation is too much of a tall order…

A practice date with Aoi, a date to the movies with Fuka, to a stayover with the others—Tomozaki is bombarded by a series of normie events as Aoi shows no mercy at setting the goals.

One day, Aoi, Mizusawa and Mimimi end up in Tomozaki’s house for a meet up to plan for the stayover. The ultimate goal of the stayover is to bring together Yuzu and Nakamura, who obviously seem to have mutual feelings for each other…


Lv. 8【There Are Some Problems That Low–Level Characters Can’t Solve】

Something seems off about Mimimi ever since the Student Council Elections ended. Days of studying hard until late at night and going for morning practice goes on. Meanwhile, Tama is worried that Mimimi is pushing herself too hard and might collapse from fatigue. Tomozaki cannot help but worry about his friend as well. Sensitive to others’ feelings, Fuka knows that the reason for Mimimi’s behaviour lies with Aoi.

Tomozaki steels his resolve and approaches Mimimi, who then smiles and tells him that she just wants to win against Aoi. While Tomozaki understands Mimimi’s feelings so much that it hurts, he is unable to say anything to her…


Lv. 7【When Your Master Appears as a Boss】

Raking in votes from students, revising campaign promises and working out strategies; after putting in all they can for the student council elections, voting day is finally here, kicking off with the candidate speeches.

Right before the speech, Tomozaki and Aoi meet in school. While Aoi mentions that she was “bored not having to fight against nanashi at Attack Fams”, Tomozaki replies that he has been “fighting against NONAME all the while”. Tomozaki’s satisfying reply puts a daring smile on Aoi’s face. From here on, the top two players, nanashi and NONAME are up against each other in this game called the Student Council Elections.

Against Aoi, who wields overwhelming power, Tomozaki has a clever plan in place…


Lv. 6【When You Start Playing Minigames, You Can’t Stop】

The student council elections have begun. While everyone is certain that Aoi would be elected, Mimimi joins as a candidate. Aoi assigns Tomozaki as Mimimi’s referee. This would also indirectly mean that Tomozaki is up for a fight against life’s top-tier character, Aoi Minami.

Mizusawa becomes Aoi’s referee. With good looks and a way with words, Mizusawa draws attention while Aoi captures the hearts of students with her strong communication skills. Witnessing the top-class normie duo at campaigning, Tomozaki is convinced that one must be too conceited to believe that they can win against the two.

However, Tomozaki notices that he has something in common with Mimimi as their bond grows stronger. Serving as the brain of the campaign, the two of them work towards the elections…


Lv. 5【Party Members that Join After a Hard Event Usually Have High Stats】

A few days passed since the Attack Fams showdown. Tomozaki is suddenly approached by Nakamura’s friend, Takahiro Mizusawa. What exactly does this handsome normie want? It turns out that Mizusawa was impressed with the speech Tomozaki made after the showdown, as few heartfelt but clever words from Mizusawa hits home for Tomozaki.

After being told by Mizusawa to “have a meal together with the girls next time”, Tomozaki reports his progress to Aoi, which puts a wide grin on her face. The mentioned “meal” turns out to be a high-difficulty “present-hunting for Nakamura” event between Tomozaki, Aoi, Mizusawa and Yuzu. On top of that, Aoi issues yet another mission…


Lv. 4【At the Village After a Dungeon There’s Usually a Boss Waiting】

Tomozaki ends up coaching Yuzu on Attack Fams. A normie and a loner—a combination of people from two different worlds. Yuzu’s reason for wanting to become better at the game was to gain Shuji Nakamura’s attention. While Tomozaki is amazed by Yuzu’s determination, he holds no punches when it comes to Attack Fams. Not minding any judgement, he gives an impassioned speech about the game while imparting his knowledge and skills to Yuzu. While Yuzu is put-off by Tomozaki’s overwhelming passion, she is also impressed by how he puts himself forward without worrying about what others think.

Meanwhile, with a pair of movie tickets in his hand, Tomozaki steels his resolve for his next mission—to invite Fuka on a date.


Lv. 3【When Your First Party Member Is a Girl, Your Adventure Starts as a Date】

Tomozaki is out shopping for clothes with Aoi. Although helpless due to his lack of experience in fashion, he is guided by Aoi’s strict but precise instruction. While Tomozaki is impressed with Aoi’s strategies, he is thrown off balance by the missions given to him one after another. The path to becoming a normie is a long and arduous one.

While Tomozaki diligently carries out his mission at a restaurant, someone calls out to him and it turns out to be Fuka, who happens to be working there. As Fuka goes back to work, Aoi flashes a smug expression. Tomozaki still bewildered, Aoi tells him that Fuka is the heroine he should conquer.


Lv. 2【It Feels Great When You Level Up Multiple Times from One Battle】

Tomozaki is given a tall order by NONAME, aka Aoi Hinami, to strike a conversation with three girls in school. Tomozaki is now learning the way to conquer the game of life through Aoi, also known as the school’s perfect heroine. Despite Aoi’s guidance, he not only fails to talk to Yuzu Izumi, the girl who sits beside him in class, but also shows an embarrassing side to Fuka Kikuchi, another female classmate who sits nearby.

Minami Nanami, the popular classmate nicknamed “Mimimi”, is amused by Tomozaki’s way of speaking as she calls over Hanabi Natsubayashi (also known as “Tama”). While the conversation between the three of them goes unexpectedly well, Nakamura joins in…


Lv. 1【Well–Known Games Are Generally Fun】

Fumiya Tomozaki is a bottom-tier character. A gloomy person with no friends, let alone having a girlfriend. Tomozaki has another name — “nanashi”. It is his handle name as the glorious top “Atafami” player in Japan. When it comes to Atafami, Tomozaki is unbeatable; not even the most popular student in class Shuji Nakamura can defeat him.

One day, nanashi is challenged by a player called “NONAME”. While Tomozaki rejoices at the appearance of a worthy rival, he is troubled by an “offline meetup” invitation by NONAME…

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki is a light novel series written by Yūki Yaku and illustrated by Fly.

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime which premieres on 8 January, with new episodes every Friday 20:30 [19:30 id/th]. Encores are on every Saturday, 18:30 [17:30 id/th].

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