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Beyond their false paradise, will Emma and the others find a way to survive amidst the beautiful but cruel world?

26 Mar 2021

THE PROMISED NEVERLAND (Season 2) EPISODE 11 (Finale) premiered on 26 March, 02:00 [01:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Fridays 18:00 [17:00 id/th], Saturdays 17:00 [16:00 id/th], Sundays 20:30 [19:30 id/th].


Ever since he was a child, Peter Ratri, the current head of the Ratri family, has always respected his elder brother James. However, Peter held firmly to the family’s mission to keep the promise and could not understand James’ actions of trying to save the children while using the name “William Minerva”.

With a gentle expression, Emma reaches out to Peter and tells him to “be free”. Peter comes to a conclusion and chooses to take his own life.

The children finally reach the portal to the human world. After using Minerva’s pen to activate the portal, they take their first step forward.

However, Emma, Norman, Ray, Cislo, Barbara and Zazie choose to remain in the demon world—to rescue all the children trapped in this world.


Recap on the past episodes below:


Vincent reveals the children’s plans for an aerial infiltration into the farm via hot–air balloons. Receiving the report, Peter changes up the farm’s security in preparation for the escapees’ attack. However, Vincent’s betrayal turns to be part of the children’s plan. Using the hot-air balloons as a feint, the infiltration begins.

Preparations to ship out the other children continues while Phil unexpectedly reunites with Jemima at the gate, who then passes him a message from Emma. Upon Emma’s cue, the children successfully escape from the Sister. While all the children gather and head for the elevator which leads to the human world, they are stopped by a group of armed Sisters led by Grandma Isabella and Peter Ratri.



Norman carries out his plan without waiting for Emma and the others’ return. While Norman hesitates to kill Vilk and his demon granddaughter, Emma, Ray and Sonju appear before him. Norman declares that “it’s too late now”. Nevertheless, Emma continues trying to convince Norman to stop, but to no avail. Emma puts her words across strongly, as though revealing Norman’s true feelings.

Meanwhile at the Farm Headquarters, Isabella finds out that the children have been listening to the farm’s reports via the radio they took from the shelter. Against that, she uses the radio to leak that all the children in the GF House will be shipped out…



Norman coughs up blood during a fit. It was a lie that Norman never went through any experiment at Lambda. When he was the only one left back then, he fought hard to survive so that he could meet Emma and the others again, and build a world where they could all live in safety.

Meanwhile, Emma, Ray, Don and Gilda manage to reunite with Mujika and Sonju, but their plea for help is interrupted by an explosion. Sensing that Norman might have put his plans into operation, Emma and the others hurry to the town…



Norman tells Emma and Ray the story behind Mujika, whom he calls the “Heretical Girl”. While Emma is taken aback by the power Mujika wields, she is hopeful about the future. However, Norman intends to kill both Sonju and Mujika as he sees them as severe threats to his plan. Emma expresses her reluctance to kill demons, but Norman’s resolve does not waver as he tries to convince Emma in a dispassionate tone.

While the both refuse to give in to each other, Emma proposes a deal.



Norman who was supposed to be shipped out appears right in front of Emma and Ray. Not expecting the reunion that they thought would have never come true, Emma and Ray burst out in tears while giving Norman a big hug. Upon their return to the cathedral, the rest of the children relish in their long-awaited reunion. After that, Norman begins talking about what he went through after he was supposedly shipped out. The children learn about the existence of “Lambda 7214”, where Norman was sent to, and the reason why demons have to eat humans.

To create the future that Emma desires—a future where her friends, family, and all children can smile from the heart, Norman promises to wipe out all demons and to create a world where all children can live freely and safely.

While the children rejoice over Norman’s plan, Emma puts on a miserable expression…



After escaping from the assault in the shelter, Emma and the children seek refuge in a deserted cathedral located at a short distance away from a demon settlement. However, unlike their time at the shelter and the GF House, food is scarce as they barely scrape by. Looking at the sleeping faces of her family, Emma is desperate for a solution and feels responsible for not being able to find one.

On the way back to the hideout after their search for food with Emma, Thoma and Lannion are found out by demons at the settlement…



The telephone suddenly rings. While Emma picks up the receiver cautiously, it turns out to be a pre-recorded call from William Minerva. Through the recording, the children learn the truth from Minerva. Working towards their goal to reach the human world, the children come up with a plan to secure a steady lifestyle within the shelter first, then get Phil and the rest of the children from the House after that.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the Farm’s headquarters, Isabella is offered a chance at freedom in exchange for bringing back all the escapees. She takes up the offer and swears to bring back every single child.



With Mujika and Sonju’s guidance, Emma and the children learned the ways of survival and are one step closer to the destination marked by the pen. To reach “B06-32”, where William Minerva is assumed to be, the children begin trekking through a wasteland but to find nothing upon reaching the designated spot.

However, after entering a new password using the pen, the map of an underground shelter is revealed. Within the well-equipped shelter, the children take a brief respite but eventually stumble upon something strange…



Those who saved Emma and the others turned out to be demons named “Mujika” and “Sonju”. As part of their faith, they have sworn not to prey on humans.

While the other children are asleep, Emma and Ray visit Sonju to find out what happened to humans 30 years ago and what the world is like now. Sonju then begins to talk about the “past”, and a “promise” that was made between demons and humans.

After learning the truth of the world, Emma is determined to escape from the “demon world”.



Following their successful escape from the House, Emma and the others are headed for the destination marked by the pen Norman left behind. However, a huge wild demon stops them in their tracks.

To lure the demon into a trap, Ray separates himself from the group but runs into deeper trouble instead. While the others move to a safer location, Emma’s ear wound opens as she loses consciousness from a bad fever.

It is then that a man and a mysterious girl in hoods save the children from the crisis…

THE PROMISED NEVERLAND (Season 2) is a the second season of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, adapted from the manga series of the same name written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu.

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime with new episodes every Friday 02:00 [01:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Fridays 18:00 [17:00 id/th], Saturdays 17:00 [16:00 id/th], Sundays 20:30 [19:30 id/th].

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