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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki

Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

Fumiya Tomozaki is one of the top-gamers in Japan, but a loner at high school. After meeting Aoi Hinami, the bottom-tier high-schooler begins his journey to conquer the game of life!


#1 Say what you want; famous games are usually fun

#2 It feels awesome to gain a bunch of levels after a battle

#3 When a girl’s your first friend, life feels like a date for a while

#4 Sometimes you conquer a dungeon only to find a strong boss back in your village

#5 The characters who become your friends after you clear a hard event usually have high stats

#6 Once you start speedrunning the minigames, you seriously can’t stop

#7 When a mentor character becomes a boss, they’ll push you to the edge

#8 There are some problems a bottom-tier character can’t fix alone

#9 When you return to the first town with all your friends, new events will occur

#10 Multiplayer has the advantages of multiplayer

#11 Sometimes just one option can change everything

#12 Items that can only be equipped on the heroine have special effects

#13 OVA: Post-game equipment for girls is a little different than usual


Fumiya Tomozaki

A bottom-tier high-schooler with no friends, and no girlfriend. He is the top-ranking player of the fighting game "AtaFami" in Japan. He meets Aoi Hinami during an an offline meeting with "NO NAME", who is ranked 2nd in Japan, who would then guide him in conquering the game of life. His gaming handle is "nanashi".

Aoi Hinami

The girl known as the "perfect heroine" in Sekitomo High. In fact a realist who works extremely hard to achieve plenty of good results. Loves cheese. A member of the track and field club.

Minami Nanami

The cheerful mood-maker who's friendly with anyone and everyone in class. Extremely curious and oftens plays pranks on Hanabi. Her nickname is "Mimimi". A member of the track and field club.

Fuka Kikuchi

The library's fairy… or according to Tomozaki, an angel. A quiet and shy girl who excels in observing human behavior.

Hanabi Natsubayashi

A straightforward girl. She is always true to herself and hates giving in. She is good friends with Mimimi but is always pranked by her. A member of the volleyball club.

Yuzu Izumi

A trendy and fashionable high-schooler. She seems like delinquent but is actually very kind-hearted and easy to talk to. A member of the badminton club.

Takahiro Mizusawa

A cool and handsome normie who always seems aloof.

Shuji Nakamura

Dominating-type normie. A top-tier character who stands on top of the class hierarchy.


A follower-type normie. Has a nice build.


Animation Studio
Project No.9

Shinsuke Yanagi

Series Composition
Fumihiko Shimo

Artists Opening
"Jinsei Easy?" by DIALOGUE+

Artists Ending
"Ayafuwa Asterisk" by DIALOGUE+


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