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ARIFURETA Main Cast Comments!

Learn about the anime before catching the premiere!

8 Jul 2019

Right before the premiere of the anime, here are the cast comments! They will tell us all about the characters they voice and the charms of the anime.

Here are the three questions asked:

  1. ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world’s strongest is finally airing. Please tell us the charm of the anime!
  2. Please tell us about an ability or something you like that you think is “the strongest”.
  3. Give a message to the fans who have been looking forward to the anime.

And here are the answers by the cast!

Fukamachi Toshinari (voice of Hajime Nagumo)

1. Above all, I am most excited over the animated battle scenes that are aplenty in the original novel. The characters’ skills and monsters’ animations are really impactful!

2. I have never once overslept thanks to my ability to wake up before the alarm clock rings. It might be the strongest skill ever, especially when it comes to early work schedules.

3. Thank you for your support towards ARIFURETA. I believe you have all been looking forward to this day. To meet your expectations, I will put in my all as the voice of Hajime. Thank you!

Yuuki Kuwahara (voice of Yue)

1. The contrast between the cool scenes and fun scenes are really interesting. Also, I’ve been a fan of how Hajime would grow to become stronger ever since I read the novel. I would like everyone to witness the cool battle scenes of Hajime as he grows stronger, mentally and physically! There’s also Yue, who loves Hajime. There are plenty of scenes where Yue only expresses herself with a nod of the head, so please listen and have fun comparing them!

2. I’m the fastest when it comes to falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning!

3. I’m as excited as you are at the moment. I’m also one of the fans who is overjoyed at the fact that my favourite scenes are finally voiced. Please enjoy the anime as an adventurer who will go on a journey with Hajime and Yue.

Minami Takahashi (voice of Shea Haulia)

1. Pay attention to the cool battle scenes and the interactions between the characters!! The anime follows the original novel with a good pacing, so 30 minutes will go by in the blink of an eye!!

2. I never knew about this, but my friend told me that I’m super good at getting along with anyone! So, I’m the world’s strongest when it comes to making friends!! How’s that?!

3. I think our teamwork during the voice recording sessions will be strongly conveyed through the anime! It’s the best, the strongest work that I’ve made with the best comrades! Please look forward to it!!

Yoko Hikasa (voice of Tio Klarus)

1. It is faithful to the original novel, with a good variety of characters. There’s a lot of information in the first episode, so don’t miss it!

2. Positivity! I’m often told that I have a strong mind.

3. Everyone was really friendly at the studio and the cast get along really well. We often go for meals and have fun together. I’m sure that the fun we had while working together will be properly conveyed to you through the anime so I hope you will feel it as well.

Saori Oonishi (voice of Kaori Shirasaki)

1. The amazing number of lines our protagonist has. The battle scenes are really cool too and please pay attention to the personalities of each character!

2. The “cat” that brings happiness to everyone at the studio just by being there!! It plays tricks on you, knowing that we’ll be forgiving. Such an angel…

3. The chronological order is totally different from the drama CDs, and you can witness another side of Kaori! Please look forward to it!

Yumiri Hanamori (voice of Shizuku Yaegashi)

1. Shizuku’s coolness… is what I’d like to say, but I’m really touched at how well-designed the monsters are. Please pay attention to them, together with Shizuku’s scenes!

2. I like stones when I was younger, thanks to my grandmother’s influence and recently, I went back to collecting ores. It’ll be great if I can use transmutation like Hajime does…

3. I believe there are many fans looking forward to Hajime and Yue’s journey, but the students are also working hard to survive in the other world! Please look forward to their appearance as well!

Are you as excited as us and the ARIFURETA cast? Look forward to the premiere and share with us your thoughts!

ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world’s strongest premieres 8 July, MONs 24:00 [22:00 id/th] on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

Source: ARIFURETA Official Website

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