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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode Synopsis

Follow Noé and Vanitas' adventure in the 19th Century Paris!

17 Sep 2021

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 12 (Cour 1 Finale)Deux Ombres Starting Pointpremieres on 17 September, 24:30 [23:30 id/th]. Encores are on every Sundays 20:00 [19:00 id/th].

Episode 12【Deux Ombres –Starting Point–】

According to Jeanne, Lord Ruthven is up to no good, and Vanitas worries for Noé.

To make things worse, the Beast of Gévaudan, which people feared in the 18th century, makes its return.

After hearing the news from Dante, Vanitas and Noé suspect that the Beast is related to a curse-bearer and head for Gévaudan.


Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 11【Serment –Oath–

Jeanne pretends to be in love with Vanitas in attempt to make him hate her.

Dominique and Dante watch from the shadows as Vanitas brings Jeanne on a date in Paris.

Meanwhile, Lord Ruthven invites Noé to a café…


Episode 10【Cicatrice –No.69–

Vanitas and the group engage in an intense fight within Doctor Moreau’s laboratory.

While they struggle, Vanitas manages to reclaim the kidnapped Prédateur’s true name with Noé’s cooperation.

Before the laboratory collapses from an explosion, Vanitas and Noé somehow manage to escape to the surface.


Episode 9【Chasseur –He Who Hunts Crimson–

While avoiding the Roland and the Chasseurs’ onslaught, Vanitas and Noé go through great pains to get Roland to listen to their side of the story.

Together with Roland and his fellow Chasseurs Maria and Georges, Vanitas and Noé arrive at the innermost part of the labyrinth where they find Doctor Moreau, the scientist who was once banished by the Chasseurs…


Episode 8【Catacombes –Where Death Lies Dormant–

Vanitas and Noé get wind of a recent missing vampire incident. At the same time, they receive some information from Dante about the kidnapping of curse-bearers and they begin to draw a link between these two incidents.

Following their lead, the both of them arrive in the labyrinth of the catacombs beneath the Notre Dame Cathedral, where they encounter the Paladin Chasseur of “Jasper”—Roland Fortis.


Episode 7【Femme Fatale –Love–】

Along with Luca, Jeanne and Dominique, Vanitas and Noé visit a café in Altus Paris. Dancing at the plaza and touring the area–the group takes a brief moment of respite.

After that, in order to obtain more information about “Charlatan” and the incident at the masquerade ball, Vanitas and Noé head towards the Carbunculus Castle, where Lord Ruthven resides.


Episode 6【Salvatio –Suspicion–】

Vanitas and Jeanne finally regroup with Noé and Luca, but they fail to capture the man with the arachnid mask and Naenia. While Vanitas is condemned as the mastermind behind the incident, Duke Ruthven makes his appearance.

As a result of the recent happenings, Noé begins to take deeper interest in Vanitas’ words and decides to continue the journey with him.


Episode 5【Réminiscence –Friend–】

While Noé confronts the man with the arachnid mask, the black shadow “Charlatan” from Amelia’s memories shows themselves.

Noé is rendered immobile when he is reminded of his traumatic past with his childhood friend, Louis.

While he is about to get swallowed up by the mysterious black shadow “Naenia”, Vanitas makes his appearance…


Episode 4【Bal Masqué –Night of Sneering Masks–

Vanitas and Noé are at the masquerade ball with Dominique. The event venue falls into chaos after multiple curse-bearers appear at the same time.

Amidst the chaos, Noé bumps into Luca and the both of them are attacked by a “mysterious man wearing an arachnid mask”.

Meanwhile, Jeanne who was searching for Luca, is impaired by a sudden urge to drink blood…


Episode 3【Archiviste –Fangs That Discern Blood–

Vanitas makes a cunning move and gains the upper hand in the battle against Jeanne.

Noé flies into a rage after finding out within Amelia’s memories that “Charlatan” was the culprit behind her twisted true name. Just then, Noé’s childhood friend, Dominique de Sade, makes an appearance.

Tasked to escort Dominique to a masquerade ball, Noé sets foot in Altus, the parallel world where vampires reside, in search for the mysterious organization “Charlatan” and more information about the dark shadow.


Episode 2【Noé –In the City of Splendor–

After their meeting with Orlok, Vanitas and Noé decide to work together as they have the same objective–to capture the person behind the vampire incident.

Upon getting hold of some information, the two go after Thomas Berneux, their main suspect, but they are stopped in their tracks by a young vampire who seeks The Book of Vanitas, Luca, and his chevalier, Jeanne.


Episode 1【Vanitas –The Case of Rusty Hopes–】

Following his teacher’s instruction, young vampire Noé travels to Paris in search for The Book of Vanitas–a grimoire capable of unleashing curses upon all vampires.

On board the airship towards Paris, Noé is embroiled in an incident where he encounters Vanitas, a blue-eyed human who claims to be a doctor specializing in vampires.

The Case Study of Vanitas is the TV anime adaptation of Jun Mochizuki’s manga series of the same title.
ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime with new episodes every Friday 24:30 [23:30 id/th]. Encores are on every Sundays 20:00 [19:00 id/th].

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