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Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Episode Synopsis

Witness Vivy's 100-year journey to rewrite history and bring happiness with her song.

19 Jun 2021

Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song- Episode 13 “Fluorite Eye’s Song” premieres on 19 June, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Sundays 20:30 [19:30 id/th].

Episode 13 (FINALE)【Fluorite Eye’s Song】

“My purpose is to make everyone happy with my song.”

The AI who created a song out of their own will. Being the very first AI to demonstrate creativity, and with her 100-year experience of interacting with countless humans, Vivy is entrusted with humanity’s fate by the Archive.

Vivy’s hopes were once crushed, but with the words from Matsumoto who went through the same 100-year journey and Professor Matsumoto who is prepared to die for the future of humanity, she executes the Singularity Project once again.

With one last chance, will Vivy eventually fulfill her purpose of making everyone happy with her song…?


Recap on the past episodes below!

After Episode 12

“What does your heart mean to you?”

“Our objective is to destroy humanity.” According to the Collective AI Database Archive’s computations, humanity is on the verge of annihilation.

With the cooperation from their former nemesis, Toak, Vivy embark on a new mission to prevent the destruction of humanity.


Episode 12 【Refrain -My Purpose-】

“What does your heart mean to you?”

“Our objective is to destroy humanity.” According to the Collective AI Database Archive’s computations, humanity is on the verge of annihilation.

With the cooperation from their former nemesis, Toak, Vivy embark on a new mission to prevent the destruction of humanity.


After Episode 11

“What about her? What did she do in the end?”

After a long slumber in the AI museum, Vivy awakens to the horrifying sight of AIs killing humans. The “war between humans and AIs” have begun in this world. Amidst the chaos, Vivy reunites with Matsumoto as she learns that the Singularity Project has failed.

Seeking to break away from the desperate situation, the duo head towards the basement, where the man who started the 100-year journey, Professor Matsumoto, is…

Episode 11 【World’s End Modulation -April 11, 2161-】

“What about her? What did she do in the end?”

A war between humans and AIs. It was Vivy and Matsumoto’s mission to prevent that, yet it is now the sight before Vivy’s eyes as she awakens in the AI Museum.

Amidst the chaos, Vivy steels her resolve and takes a step forward…


After Episode 10

“I’ve fulfilled our promise, Diva.”

It has been five years since “Diva’s” departure and “Vivy’s” return. Unable to sing anymore, Vivy is transferred to the AI museum. One day, Matsumoto appears before Vivy once again. No longer able to fulfil her purpose to sing, Vivy seeks the progression of Singularity Project.

However, Matsumoto declares the end of the project…

Episode 10 【Vivy Score -To Put Your Heart Into Your Song-

“I’ve fulfilled our promise, Diva.”

“Diva” departs, and “Vivy” regains control of the body. However, this would mean that it is time for Vivy to face the problem she can never turn away from.


Episode 9 【Harmony of One’s Heart -My Purpose, Your Future-

“Hey, can you hear me? I’m singing a really good song, right?”

The cruel truth behind Ophelia’s tragedy is an overwrite of the diva AI’s data by her support AI, Antonio. Having his identity revealed, Antonio attacks Matsumoto in a bid to hide the truth about Ophelia.

Meanwhile, Kakitani who has captured Diva rattles on about his hate for AIs while desperately attempting to draw Vivy out from her sleep.

Will the two of them successfully get through this Singularity Point…?


Episode 8 【Elegy Dedicated With Love -My One And Only Partner-

“The most important thing is to sing my best. To sing a song which can fulfill my purpose.”

To prevent a war between humans and AI– Listening to Matsumoto’s explanation about “Vivy’s” mission, Diva is taken aback, but also learns that his objective this time round is to prevent Ophelia’s suicide.

The diva AI who put up a breathtaking performance during the rehearsal, Ophelia.

In order to prevent the suicide that should have been impossible for an AI to commit, Diva approaches Ophelia.


After Episode 7…

“I’ll do the festival perfectly, just like everything else—To make everyone happy with my song.”

Now known as the “Peerless Diva”, Diva is the AI who secures a full-house at NiaLand’s main stage, day after day. Diva is invited to perform at the “Zodiac Signs Fes”, a festival where Diva AIs from all over the world gather.

While Diva runs into some trouble in the middle of rehearsal, she encounters a familiar cube-type AI…


Episode 7【Galaxy Anthem -To Make Everyone Happy with My Song-

“I will sing as best I can. So that I can become myself.”

Zodiac Signs Fes—a music festival held with humanoid diva AIs from all over the world.

On the stage where the audience would immerse in the dream-like atmosphere and excitement, Ophelia, who stands in the limelight as the “Fairy of the Small Theater”, along with several others AIs, gather at the event venue…


Episode 6【Sing My Pleasure -I Love You-】

“I humbly accept. I will be in your care for a long time.”

Using the halting program by Professor Saeki, Vivy and Matsumoto attempt to stop all operations on Metal Float. However, the program causes all AI on the facility to go rampant while Toak launches and assault.

The situation where “AI attack humans” happens. After saving a Toak member from the attack, Vivy and Matsumoto head for the Metal Float’s core in order to stop the rampage.


Episode 5【Sing My Pleasure -Your Smile-】

“I want to protect people’s smiles–your smile. Because you love AIs.”

Ever since the incident at Sunrise, Vivy has been singing on stage more often and gaining more fans. One day, Matsumoto appears before her once again.

He declares that the advancement of AI is progressing at an unprecedented rate and that there is a need to halt that progress. With their next mission to stop the operation of the Metal Float, an unmanned and fully AI–operated offshore plant, Vivy and Matsumoto approach a researcher who is related to the facility…


Episode 4【Ensemble for Polaris –Our Promise–

“I will bring her back to Earth, no matter what.”

AI Estella plans to drop Space Hotel “Sunrise” onto Earth. However, Vivy began to hesitate after coming into contact with Estella, whose impression turns out to be largely different from Matsumoto’s description.

To their bewilderment, Sunrise begins to lose control way earlier than what Matsumoto calculated. Amidst the chaos, Vivy begins to investigate the truth in a bid to save all the passengers and Momoka’s sister, Yuzuka.


Episode 3【A Tender Moon Tempo –A Chat with the Stars–

“Please relax and have a pleasant chat with the stars.”

Ever since the incident with Aikawa, Vivy has been gaining popularity in NiaLand while she continues singing on stage. One day, Matsumoto appears before Vivy once again, declaring the next singularity point, which would take place at the Space Hotel “Sunrise”.

While Vivy is conflicted because the mission deviates from her original purpose, she accompanies Matsumoto to space…


Episode 2【Quarter Note –A 100 Year Journey Begins–

“Your 100-year journey starts now.”

The war between AI and humans which would occur 100 years later is due to the death of a single politician—Diet Member Aikawa. In order to rescue Aikawa and prevent the tragedy, Vivy and Matsumoto are up against the anti-AI terrorist organization, Toak.

However, Vivy who barely has any combat capabilities since she was designed to sing, is driven to a corner by the Toak’s onslaught…

Episode 1【My Code –Make Everyone Happy with My Song–

“My purpose is to make everyone happy with my song.”

Vivy is the world’s first autonomous humanoid AI and a member of the theme park “NiaLand”.

With the purpose to “make everyone happy with her song”, Vivy takes the stage and sings and comes into contact with an AI who calls himself “Matsumoto” one day. While Vivy is confused, Matsumoto asks for her assistance to rewrite history in order to prevent a war in which AIs will kill humans.

Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song- is an original TV anime series by WIT STUDIO (Attack on Titan series, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Vinland Saga) X Tappei Nagatsuki X Eiji Umehara (Re:Zero screenwriting duo).

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime with new episodes every Saturday 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Sundays 20:30 [19:30 id/th].

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