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Now, it's time to spread your wings and soar…

10 Jun 2024

THE iDOLM@STER SHINYCOLORS Episode 10 “Colorful Image” premieres on 10 June, 22:30 [21:30 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Tuesdays 16:00 [15:00 id/th] and Fridays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].



Episode 10 【Colorful Image】

In preparation for the first live concert, a two-days training camp dedicated to practicing “Spread the Wings!!” begins.

Lessons begin with a greeting from Mano, who is the center, but they struggle during the joint dance lesson.

Kogane points out that no one is enjoying themselves, to everyone’s agreement. While gazing at the night sky, Mano ponders alone about what she can do to bring everyone together.



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 9 【The First Push】

“We want you to be the center.” Producer asks of Mano. Hiori and Meguru encourage Mano, assuring her that they’ll support whatever decision she makes.

Later, illumination STARS, along with L’Antica, work on the final adjustments for their recording session.

As Mano reflects on the lyrics of their new song, “Tsubasa Gravity”, something sparkles in her mind…



Episode 8 【Complimentary Sights】

283 Production announces its first live performance featuring all groups.

Amid the rising anticipation and busy schedules, the idols of 283 Production come together and prepare for the performance.

While participating in dance lessons and radio recordings together, the members of HO-KA-GO CLIMAX GIRLS and ALSTROEMERIA come to realize something important they couldn’t notice on their own by closely observing each other.



Episode 7 【Path to the W.I.N.G.】

W.I.N.G. has ended.

illumination STARS, L’Antica, HO-KA-GO CLIMAX GIRLS and ALSTROEMERIA watch through the documentary that recorded their efforts and results for W.I.N.G.

Each member reflects upon what they have achieved, what they couldn’t, and what they should do from here on.



Episode 6 【Give It Your Everything】

As the idols of 283 Production continue their daily activities, they begin to find their own personality as an idol.

Their performance at “W.I.N.G.”, also known as the rite of passage for rookie idol units, has been decided.

Taking this opportunity, the producer proposes a task to the idols—to personally document their preparation process for W.I.N.G.



Episode 5 【A Formation of Their Own】

The three members of illumination STARS continue to practise diligently. Finally, their debut has been confirmed.

While they each work hard towards the live performance, they struggle to come together as one.

Observing the situation, their producer decides to do something… Finally, their debut song arrives.



Episode 4 【True Heroes!】

Thanks to their effort on their activities in the suburbs, HO-KA-GO CLIMAX GIRLS manages to score a job at a shopping mall.

Moreover, the job involves a collaboration between a hero show and a live performance.

With Kaho excitedly leading the charge, the members practise diligently for the hero show. The day of the live performance arrives. However, an unexpected problem arises…



Episode 3 【Hope for the Future】

The three members of ALSTROEMERIA ponder over the direction they want to take as an idol unit.

While they try to conceive their future, they struggle to find their answer. One day, at an event where the three of them are performing at, they witness a fight between two siblings.

Wanting the siblings to enjoy the event, they come up with an idea…



Episode 2 【The Flame Called a Song】

Mano, Hiori and Meguru are working hard at their lessons.

Meanwhile, the shooting for a new MV for L’Antica, an idol group from the same agency, is decided as the members brainstorm ideas on the content.

The shooting begins. L’Antica challenges themselves with a story-driven concept. However, in the midst of the shoot, rain clouds start gathering…



Episode 1 【A Portion of the Sky, A Single Feather】

“Would you like to be an idol and see a brand new world unfold?”

Upon a chance encounter, Mano Sakuragi takes her first step into the world of idols.

At 283 Production, Mano meets two fellow aspiring idols—Hiori Kazano and Meguru Hachimiya.



ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting THE iDOLM@STER SHINYCOLORS with recap and new episodes every Monday 22:00 [21:00 id/th]. Encores start at Tuesdays 16:00 [15:00 id/th] and Fridays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].


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