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The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio Episode Synopsis

Once they find out, it's over—the youth voice actor story, NOW ON AIR!

12 Jun 2024

The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio Episode 10 “Yuhi, Yasumi, Mekuru, and Otome” premieres on 12 June, 21:30 [20:30 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Thursdays 15:00 [14:00 id/th] and Fridays 22:00 [21:00 id/th].



Episode 10 【Yuhi, Yasumi, Mekuru, and Otome】

The line recording for “Illusory Armored Unit Phantom” goes well, but Yumiko remains unsatisfied with her own performance.

With these frustrated feelings, she participates in a joint event with Mekuru and Otome’s radio shows. Both Yumiko and Chika compete passionately in the game segments between the three radio shows.

They must win the top prize, no matter what! The final contest… is to act out a confession scene. With Yuhi representing “High Schooler Radio”, the contest begins!



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 9 【Yuhi, Yasumi, and Christmas】

Frustrated from the numerous retakes she went through, Yumiko seeks Kagasaki’s advice at her agency’s office.

What exactly does Sugishita expect from her as a voice actress? Yumiko tries to figure it out by recalling her performance during the audition, but Kagasaki reminds her to not push herself too hard.

Christmas Eve arrives, as Yumiko goes to the karaoke with her classmates. Although dragged into the event, Chika seems to be in a good mood… To encourage Chika to sing, Yumiko brings forth a challenge!



Episode 8 【Yuhi, Yasumi, and Bad Moods】

Several weeks after the challenge that put their voice acting careers on the line, Yumiko and Chika help out at Asaka’s home to apologize for the trouble they caused.

Yuhi and Yasumi’s situation has changed significantly, with criticism towards them subsiding. Yumiko is preparing for a new audition, but it turns out that Chika, who is aiming for the same role, is equally determined.

On the day of the audition, Yumiko is fazed upon the sound director’s unexpected decision to assign her a different role…



Episode 7 【Yuhi and Yasumi Just Can’t Give Up】

Chika must suspend her voice acting activities if she fails to meet the conditions set by her mother.

Overwhelmed by the fear of an uncertain future, Chika receives encouragement from Yumiko to concentrate on her current tasks and give her best at the Heart Tart meet and greet event.

Thanks to Otome, the event runs smoothly. However, Yumiko, who is supposed to be showing her “true self”, feels suffocated. This tension reaches its peak with a certain comment from a passionate female fan.



Episode 6 【Yuhi and Yasumi Are In For It Now?】

Promotional activities are ramping up for Chika and Yumiko as members of Heart Tart.

However, before the recording for their first guest appearance on Mekuru’s radio show, Mekuru brings up some blatant and sarcastic remarks.

While frustrated, Yumiko is overwhelmed by Mekuru’s skillful hosting and extensive knowledge, realizing there is much she needs to learn. However, Mekuru rejects her when she tries to ask for tips. Something about Mekuru’s attitude bothers Yumiko…



Episode 5 【Yuhi and Yasumi Aren’t Over Yet?】

To take responsibility for the livestream, Yumiko and Kagasaki visit Yuhi’s agency to offer their apology.

Over there, they’re met by President Kashima, who tells Yumiko that even if she did not take action, Yuhi would have resumed being an idol voice actress without issues.

Yumiko explains that she does not regret her actions, putting a frown on Kashima’s face… On their way back, they run into Yuhi’s senior, Mekuru Yubisaki, who surprises them with a remark unlikely of someone with her cute demeanor.



Episode 4 【Yuhi and Yasumi Can’t Hide It】

Chika becomes unreachable after rumors of her engaging in illicit activities begin to spread.

While Yumiko is worried about Chika, their classmate, Kimura, who has been digging around on the true identity of “Yu-hime”, begins talking about Yuhi. Unfortunately, Chika shows up at that moment, while another student who claims to be “Yugure’s Knight” and has found Yuhi’s true identity, bursts into the classroom.

He suddenly starts a live stream and begins to “interrogate” Chika about her the illicit activities. Just when Yumiko’s identity is about to be revealed as well, Chika explodes in anger!



Episode 3 【Yuhi, Yasumi, and the Sleepover】

Following their conversation on the radio show, Yumiko ends up having a sleepover at Chika’s house.

While surprised by how rich Chika’s family is, Yumiko skillfully prepares dinner and puts a satisfied expression on Chika’s face. However, for some reason, they find themselves taking a bath together.

How did they end up in this situation!? Bewildered, Yumiko asks, and Chika replies, “Isn’t it common for female voice actors to take baths together?” Chika tries to further bridge the gap between them…!?



Episode 2 【Yuhi, Yasumi, and a Unit】

On “High Schooler Radio”, Yuhi ends up embarrassed after talking about a certain topic.

She does not know that croquettes are sold at the butcher. To “sort of” fulfill their promise to check it out together, Chika brings Yumiko to the butcher after school.

There, the two of them learn surprising things about each other. On the other hand, Yumiko lands a second lead role in a TV anime. She is to form a unit with the main cast and perform the opening theme song, however…



Episode 1 【Yuhi and Yasumi Can’t Hide It?】

The radio programme between the close-knit voice actor duo, Yasumi Utatane and Yuhi Yugure, who happen to be in the same class at high school, begins.

The radio programme’s selling point is its warm and cozy vibes, but little does anyone know, Yasumi has a big secret. Yasumi, whose real name is Yumiko Sato, is actually a gyaru at heart.

A month ago, the relationship between Yumiko and Chika Watanabe, a plain girl in class, became strained after a small incident. At the meeting for a new radio programme, Yumiko unexpectedly finds Chika at the same place…!?



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