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The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 3 Episode Synopsis

Let's watch as the world's most wistful mutual love reaches its conclusion––

9 Jun 2024

The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 3 Episode 10 “Victor’s Grandson and Sharon’s Daughter” premieres on 9 June, 22:00 [21:00 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Mondays 15:30 [14:30 id/th] and Thursdays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].



Episode 10 【Victor’s Grandson and Sharon’s Daughter】

With her magic power out of control, Tsade defeats Free. Witnessing this, Nico is enraged and goes all out against Tsade.

While fighting Nico, Tsade reflects on her life up to this point, but is ultimately cornered by Nico’s secret move.

However, at that critical moment, Bocchan steps in, trying to shield Tsade from Nico!



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 9 【Isolation and Confusion】

Walter, facing the past Dulles, successfully persuades her by conveying his own feelings, despite enduring her illusion magic.

However, Tsade becomes engulfed in rage witnessing the situation. Sein runs out of magic power while restraining Tsade.

Admist the dire situation, Bocchan attempts to talk to Tsade…



Episode 8 【The Talk】

The members traveling to the past split into three groups. Bocchan, who hopes to resolve matters by persuading Tsade, will first approach her with Alice.

They head to the manor at the time right before Bocchan got cursed. Sein, who possesses time magic, acts alone and encounters Tsade immediately.

However, persuading the laid-back Tsade proves to be quite challenging…



Episode 7 【Coming Together】

The members who are traveling to the past to meet Tsade gather at the manor. Bocchan informs Sein and Walter about Tsade’s secret ability to read minds.

Having understood the meaning behind this power, the group is shrouded in a strange atmosphere. Meanwhile, the girls gather at Alice’s room for an exciting girls’ night.

A moment of peace passes as the final battle approaches…



Episode 6【The Ball – Part 2】

Viola encourages Dulles to attend a ball held at the main manor. Feeling embarrassed in a dress, she disappears from the venue.

Having noticed that, Walter searches for her around the manor.

That evening, Bocchan, who had decided to meet Tsade from the past in a week’s time, visits his mother, Gerbera, to convey his feelings.



Episode 5【The Ball – Part 1】

Dulles visits an underwater city in search of an item to become human but ends up participating in an arm-wrestling competition for some reason.

Meanwhile, Alice and Viola sew new clothes for Dulles.

Dulles goes on cloud nine when Walter praises her new attire, until she witnesses Walter enjoying a conversation with an aristocrat’s daughter a few days later…



Episode 4【The Duke and Alice and Tsade’s Love】

One stormy night, a woman arrives at the manor. The woman, who introduces herself as Liz, turns out to be not only a ghost, but also Bocchan’s late grandmother!

Later, the ghost of Bocchan’s grandfather, Victor, also makes an appearance.

They reveal that their reason for becoming ghosts was due to a contract with Tsade, and they seem to have a clue as to why she cursed Bocchan…



Episode 3【The Duke and Alice and Mother and Mother】

Bocchan and friends spend their time peacefully after returning from the sorcery academy.

Bocchan and Alice test out some magical tools Sein sent over. At the main manor, Sharon and Gerbera rekindle their friendship, while Walter visits the circus.

Viola visit Bocchan’s manor, where Rob tells her a secret about a music box, he has been keeping…



Episode 2【The Duke and Alice and the Mysterious Doubles】

It’s been decades since Alice’s mother, Sharon, fell into her slumber.

Before returning to the main manor, Sharon spends some quality time with Alice at town.

When Sharon shows up at the main manor, Gerbera is unable to hide her surprise. However, it seems that Tsade is behind Sharon’s awakening…



Episode 1【The Duke and Alice and the Reunion with Her Mother】

Bocchan and friends are studying at the sorcery academy. In order to become even stronger, Cuff and Sein participate in a special training with their teacher and upperclassmen.

Meanwhile, Dulles gets her hands on a book that “turns a witch into a human” and returns to the magical realm in search for a way to turn into a human.

However, the magical realm seems to be surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere, and amongst it stands Sharon, who has awakened from her eternal slumber…!



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