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Shinsei Kamattechan’s Interview Article – ‘My War (Boku no Sensou)’

Must see for all Anime fans! Shinsei Kamattechan’s interview for their new song ‘My War (Boku no Sensou)’.

20 Mar 2021

Shinsei Kamattechan’s latest song ‘My War (Boku no Sensou)’, which is the opening theme song of the TV Anime Attack on Titan Final Season, has been a big hit on many music streaming sites.

This song has ranked in the top ten in 62 countries (including No.1 in 21 countries!) on Apple Music J-Pop ranking. Anime fans in the world were so impressed with this new song saying, ‘This is definitely their best song!’. And the Band’s special website published their official interview about the song today in Japanese, English, and French.

How was this song, which has an overwhelmingly uplifting feeling, created?

You can also have a glimpse into their unique world from the article.

Check out the interview here:

[Streaming and download information]

‘My War (Boku no Sensou)’ (Full Size)

‘My War (Boku no Sensou)’ (TV Size)

Attack on Titan Final Season, is simulcasting this Winter, from December 2020 on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

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