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Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (KIMISEN) Synopsis

Sparks of attraction fly on the battlefield between two nations!

23 Dec 2020

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Episode 12 (Finale)Beginning – Or Two Who Will Raise a New World” will premiere on 23 December, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Thursday 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Fridays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].

Episode 12【Beginning – Or Two Who Will Raise a New World】

Sisbell is being targeted by both the Masked Marquess and the Empire’s experimental weapon. Mismis and the others turn up to stop Masked Marquess while Iska confronts the Object. However, an abysmal truth lies within the existence of the Empire’s weapon. Amidst the battlefield woven by a major conspiracy, which path will Iska and Alice take—separation or…


Recap on the past episodes below!

Episode 11【Beginning – The Witch Hunt】

After their fateful encounter, Sisbell visits Iska at the hotel and asks for his help, ironically offering a similar deal as her sister Alice once did. However, before they can discuss the matter in great lengths, Sisbell is targeted by one of her own.


Episode 10【Beginning – The Girl Who Prays to the Stars】

Tensions rise within the Sovereignty as the day for the succession of the next Queen draws near. While Alice tries to leave the palace, she learns that her sister, Sisbell is being put on an expedition under the Queen’s order. The girl holds a secret.

Meanwhile, Iska brings Mismis to a resort far away from the Empire in order to hide her secret about holding an astral seal. What awaits Unit N07 at their destination is…


Episode 9【Paradise – Iska】

The man who once threatened the existence of the Sovereignty—the Sorcerer of “Transcendence”, Sullinger. While Rin falls into a predicament in face of Sullinger’s overwhelming strength, Iska joins the battle. To keep his end of the deal with Rin and to answer to Alice’s plea, Iska swears to defeat Sullinger.

Amidst the burning flames within the prison tower, the battle between the successor of Black Steel and the Sorcerer of Transcendence begins.


Episode 8【Paradise – The Sorcerer of Transcendence】

With Risya’s help, the The Sorcerer of Transcendence, Sullinger, has escaped from his 30-year imprisonment inside Orelgan Prison Tower.

His unique astral spirit makes him incredibly dangerous to any astral mages, but Alice and Rin must step up and try to stop him.


Episode 7【Paradise – Alice’s Longest Night】

Unit N07 receives an order to cross the border and bring Iska back from the Nebulis Sovereignty. At the same time, another unit is on a mission to capture the Queen under Risya’s orders… Alice returns to the Nebulis Sovereignty with Iska as her interest for the soldier continues to grow stronger. Whilst under unusual circumstances, the two spend their only night together.


Episode 6【Paradise – Rin’s Failed Plot】

While Alice cannot get Iska off her mind, Rin suggests they meet once again in the neutral city to settle things once and for all. However, that reunion is part of Rin’s plan to completely cut off their ties. Meanwhile, Iska’s party receives a high-level order to infiltrate the Nebulis Sovereignty and capture the Queen.

Amidst the unprecedented situation, something unusual is happening to Mismis’ body…


Episode 5【Crossing – The Vortex Awakens】

Tensions are rising between the Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty with the emergence of a Vortex. Alice suspects that Marquess Mask is trying monopolize all the astral energy.

Meanwhile, the base where Iska’s party is stationed at is infiltrated by an astral mage unit as their search for the Vortex continues. They finally reach their destination, but only to be welcomed by a trap and a powerful witch.


Episode 4【Crossing – The Vortex】

The N07 unit is out on a recreation trip to the casino before their next mission, and Mismis seems to have something on her mind… Meanwhile, Alice and Rin are having a good time at the casino as well.

Both Iska and Alice cannot stop thinking about each other while they look forward to seeing each other again.

However, yet another conflict is about to spark off between the Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty…


Episode 3【Encounter – The Successor of the Black Steel and the Ice Calamity Witch】

Praised for his battle against the Ice Calamity Witch, Iska is now one step closer his reinstatement as a Saint Disciple. However, he must first capture the Ice Calamity Witch. Filled with hesitation, Iska travels to the neutral city in hopes of meeting Alice once again.

Meanwhile, Alice learns of Iska’s deed of freeing an astral mage despite his former status as a Saint Disciple. To find out his true intentions, Alice travels to the neutral city as well.


Episode 2【Encounter -The Enemy that I Met-】

Iska remains restless even after the battle against Alice, the Ice Calamity Witch. Mismis recommends catching an Opera at the neutral city for a change of pace, but little did he expect the person sitting beside him would be Alice.

In the neutral city where all conflict is forbidden, the heroes of two rivaling nations reunite and learn about the sides of each other they never knew…


Episode 1【The Encounter of the Two Nations’ Ultimate Weapons】

Two nations, the Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty, have been at war for 100 years. Imprisoned for freeing a witch, Iska is given a chance at freedom. In exchange, he must take down a powerful astral mage known as the “Ice Calamity Witch.”

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World is a light novel series by Kei Sazane and Ao Nekonabe.

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime which premieres on 7 October, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Thursday 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Fridays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].

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