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Favourite Male Voice Actor 2018

[Interim Results] A close fight at the top

6 Dec 2018

Continuing what they have done last year, anime news site AnimeAnime! is asking readers who they think is “The Most Active Voice Actor” and “Favourite Voice Actor” in 2018. The survey will end on 13 December. In the meantime, here are the interim results for “Favourite Male Voice Actor”.

Number one is Yuki Kaji, with 7% approval rating. He has appeared in popular titles like “Attack on Titan” and “The Seven Deadly Sins” in 2018. His published book “itsuka subete ga kimi no chikara ni naru” (Someday Everything Will Become Your Strength) is another reason for his popularity.


Number two is Tomokazu Sugita. The difference between the top two is very small. Sugita is appearing in numerous popular titles, and his humourous radio talk shows are also a big draw with fans.


Number three is Hiroshi Kamiya. Not only is he in anime, he is active in commercials as well.


TOP 20 Favourite Male Voice Actor [Interim Results]
01 – Yuki Kaji
02 – Tomokazu Sugita
03 – Hiroshi Kamiya
04 – Mamoru Miyano
05 – Nobuhiko Okamoto
05 – Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
07 – Yuichiro Umehara
07 – Jun Fukuyama
09 – Yuma Uchida
10 – Soma Saito
10 – Takahiro Sakurai
12 – Kensho Ono
13 – Yuichi Nakamura
14 – Kaito Ishikawa
14 – Makoto Furukawa
14 – Toru Furuya
17 – Yuto Uemura
17 – Tatsuhisa Suzuki
17 – Tomoaki Maeno
20 – Kento Ito
20 – Hiro Shimono
20 – Daiki Yamashita

The survey was carried out on 534 people (37% male and 63% female), of which 55% is under the age of 20 and 27% in the 20s.

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Source: AnimeAnime

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