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Favourite Female Voice Actor 2018

[Interim Results] A close fight at the top

6 Dec 2018

Continuing what they have done last year, anime news site AnimeAnime! is asking readers who they think is “The Most Active Voice Actor” and “Favourite Voice Actor” in 2018. The survey will end on 13 December. In the meantime, here are the interim results for “Favourite Female Voice Actor”.

Number one is Aoi Yuki, with an approval rating of 8%. Not only did readers cited her roles in various anime, there were also readers who posted reasons why she is their favourite on Twitter.


Number two is Kana Hanazawa. She has appeared in a wide range of anime in 2018.


Number three is Inori Minase. She is also active as an artiste, and has gone on her first live tour this year.


TOP 20 Favourite Female Voice Actor [Interim Results]
01 – Aoi Yuki
02 – Kana Hanazawa
03 – Inori Minase
04 – Ayane Sakura
05 – Maaya Uchida
05 – Miyuki Sawashiro
07 – Kaede Hondo
08 – Misaki Kuno
09 – Nana Mizuki
10 – Rie Kugimiya
10 – Rie Takahashi
12 – Yui Ogura
13 – Yukari Tamura
13 – Saori Hayami
15 – Sumire Morohoshi
16 – Sora Amamiya
16 – Yui Ishikawa
16 – Saori Onishi
16 – Tomori Kusunoki
20 – Ai Kayano

Similar to the male voice actor category, there is a close fight at the top for the female voice actors. Since this is the interim results, the ranking might still change as the votes come in. The next announcement will be the interim results for “The Most Active Male Voice Actor”.

The survey was carried out on 534 people (37% male and 63% female), of which 55% is under the age of 20 and 27% in the 20s.

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Source: AnimeAnime

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