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Halloween Cosplay Ranking (Female Ed.)

#2 is Kyoka Izumi, and #1 is...

31 Oct 2018

Here is the second part of the poll for “Who would you want to masquerade the most on Halloween?”.

The ranking for the male edition is here.

#1 Kagura [Gin Tama]

11% of the votes. Kagura in Chinese costumes has always been highly popular among its fans. Gintoki tops the male ranking as well, further solidifying Gin Tama as a fan-favourite series.


#2 Kyoka Izumi [Bungo Stray Dogs]

6% of the votes. She has a high popularity among kimono-clad characters, and mainly because she is cute. Similar to Kyoka, the two male characters of the series – Osamu Dazai and Chuya Takahara – are also very popular.


#3 Masumi Sera [Detective Conan]

4% of the votes. Since she has “yaeba” tooth (fang-like tooth), she is perfectly suited for Halloween masquerade. Cosplay costumes include her Teitan High uniform and biker suit.


Compared to the male cosplay characters, the female edition garnered more votes, and there were 11 characters who were tied on the same number of votes.


Here is the full ranking:

#1 – Kagura [Gin Tama]

#2 – Kyoka Izumi [Bungo Stray Dogs]
#3 – Masumi Sera [Detective Conan]
#4 – Ochaco Uraraka [My Hero Academia]
#5 – Platelet [Cells at Work]
#5 – Kyoka Jiro [My Hero Academia]
#5 – Takagi [Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san]
#5 – Chino [Is The Order a Rabbit?]
#5 – Tsukuyo [Gin Tama]
#5 – Diane [The Seven Deadly Sins]
#5 – Ai Haibara [Detective Conan]
#5 – Hancock [One Piece]
#5 – Perona [One Piece]
#5 – Megumin [KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!]
#5 – Lala Satalin Deviluke [To Love-Ru]

The poll – titled “Who would you want to masquerade the most on Halloween?” – was carried out on 94 people (20% male and 80% female), of which 67% were under the age of 19 and 29% in the 20s.

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