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Halloween Cosplay Ranking (Male Edition)

#3 is Levi, and the top two are...

31 Oct 2018

Halloween is upon us, and is the ranking of the most popular anime characters to cosplay (male edition).

#1 Gintoki Sakata [Gin Tama]

10% of the votes. The popular character garners comments from “Gin-san cosplaying as a vampire in the anime was so cute!” to “Be it Dracula or the Devil, any costume suits him just as well.”

#2 Shoto Todoroki [My Hero Academia]

9% of the votes. Shoto Todoroki’s visual characteristic is well-liked. Notable comment: “It would be so cool to create that two-colored eye look.”

#3 Levi [Attack on Titan]

6% of the votes. Humanity’s strongest soldier is overwhelmingly popular and oh so cool. Comment includes “I want people to cosplay shorter characters and to bring to life the exact visual.”


Here is the full ranking:

#1 – Gintoki [Gin Tama]

#2 – Shoto Todoroki [My Hero Academia]
#3 – Levi [Attack on Titan]
#4 – Toru Amuro (Rei Furuya) [Detective Conan]
#4 – Sogo Okita [Gin Tama]
#6 – Dazai Osamu [Bungo Stray Dogs]
#6 – Chuya Nakahara [Bungo Stray Dogs]
#8 – Alto Saotome [Macross Frontier]
#8 – Natsu Dragneel [Fairy Tale]
#8 – Bakugo Katsuki [My Hero Academia]
#8 – Izuki Midoriya [My Hero Academia]

The poll – titled “Who would you want to masquerade the most on Halloween?” – was carried out on 94 people (20% male and 80% female), of which 67% were under the age of 19 and 29% in the 20s.

We will reveal the results for the female characters next, so stay tuned.

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