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DARLING in the FRANXX Illustrations

Select winners from illustration contest by Pixiv

9 Dec 2018

Online artist community Pixiv recently held an illustration contest for DARLING in the FRANXX from 23 August to 25 September. Check out some of the winning entries.

[Best Work Award]
Artist: -ZZL-
Name of Work: darling


[Merit Award]
Artist: Xin&obiサンクリA12a
Name of Work: ゼロツー


[Special Award]
Artist: Toaru心灵怪盗Mzwei
Name of Work: ALL ストレリチア


[Special Award]
Artist: 大泽CHENAzE
Name of Work: cAGE


[Special Award]
Artist: きぶん屋
Name of Work: 夏の終わりと002


[Special Award]
Artist: さかなもち
Name of Work: 桜と君


Visit the official website for more illustration winners.

DARLING in the FRANXX previously simulcast on ANIPLUS Asia from January to June 2018 in Southeast Asia.

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Source: DARLING in the FRANXX website

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