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Genre: Action, Sci-fi
Episodes: 24
Rated: Rated 16

In a world where children pilot robots called Franxx to fend off giant lifeforms, ex-prodigy Hiro struggles with his existence. Then a girl known as "Zero Two" suddenly appears before him.

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Hiro (Code:016)

Once known as a genius, but now he is a fallen pilot. He is currently worried about his place in Mistilteinn.

Zero Two (Code:002)

A mysterious girl in red suit. Known for being a "Partner Killer", she is an elite pilot.

Ichigo (Code:015)

The leader amongst the children, an A-student who is very reliable. Always looking out for her childhood friend, Hiro.

Goro (Code:056)

The mood-maker, and have high-skills as a pilot. Hiro and Ichigo are his closest friends since the past.

Miku (Code:390)

A beautiful girl with a brilliant appearance and confidence in her style. Brilliant and innocent, but she doesn't like to lose.

Zorome (Code:666)

He has a flashy character, but people just can't hate him. He hopes that some day, he will become an adult.

Kokoro (Code:556)

She has a gentle personality, thus becoming a Madonna-like figure for the boys. Doesn't speak much, but her words are wise.

Futoshi (Code:214)

He does this at his own pace, but surprisingly has a sensible side too. With a friendly personality, he can become friends with anyone.

Ikuno (Code:196)

Calm and collected, she hardly puts herself out. She likes reading books, and is always seen reading.

Mitsuru (Code:326)

Prideful and cynical, he holds Hiro as his rival.


Tanaka Masayoshi

Nishigori Atsushi

Artists Voice
Yuto Uemura as Hiro (Code:016); Haruka Tomatsu as Zero Two (Code:002); Kana Ichinose as Ichigo (Code:015); Yuichiro Umehara as Goro (Code:056); Nanami Yamashita as Miku (Code:390); Mutsumi Tamura as Zorome (Code:666); Saori Hayami as Kokoro (Code:556); Hiroki Goto as Futoshi (Code:214); Shizuka Ishigami as Ikuno (Code:196); Aoi Ichikawa as Mitsuru (Code:326)

Artists Opening
"KISS OF DEATH" by Mika Nakashima x Hyde

Artists Ending
"Kiss Me" by Zero Two (Haruka Tomatsu); Ichigo (Kana Ichinose); Miku (Nanami Yamashita); Kokoro (Saori Hayami); Ikuno (Shizuka Ishigami)


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