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Witness Natsume and Kaburagi's way of life in the new future!

5 Aug 2020

DECA-DENCE Episode 5, differential gear will premiere on 5 August, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Thursday, 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Friday, 21:00 [20:00 id/th].

Episode 5【differential gear】

The stage is set for a tragedy. Natsume sorties out alongside The Power, but the squadron does not stand a chance against a Cheat-level Gadoll. When all hope seems lost, Kaburagi appears.


Recap the past episodes below!

Episode 4【transmission】

Natsume engages herself in a fight with the Gadoll for the first time after chasing Pipe, who had run onto the battlefield. She panics at first, but is soon able to recall the teachings of Kaburagi.


Episode 3【steering】

Natsume learns how to fight against the Gadolls under the tutelage of Kaburagi. Though the training by the former top-notch warrior is harsh, Natsume perseveres, and her fighting skills & physical abilities improve dramatically in a short time.


Episode 2【sprocket】

As Kaburagi knocks down the Gadolls. with his tremendous strength and abilities, Natsume feels at a loss what to do as she finds herself in the battlefield for the first time in her life. Meanwhile, the true nature of the world that is hidden from humans like Natsume is revealed to the viewers…


Episode 1【Ignition】

In the distant future, humans have been pushed to the verge of extinction by the invasion of mysterious life-forms called the Gadoll, and were now forced to live inside the moving fortress Deca-dence as they desperately kept up resistance.

Natsume, a girl who grew up with a dream of becoming a fighter, is assigned to work under the hard-nosed but apathetic armor-repairman Kaburagi, and finds herself spending her days swamped with endless routines of cleaning work.

But one day, Natsume gets herself caught up in a battle with the Gadoll while on work, and what she witnesses is the sight of Kaburagi taking down one Gadoll soldier after another.


DECA-DENCE is an original TV anime project by animation studio NUT, written by tag team between Director Yuzuru Tachikawa and screenplay writer Hiroshi Seko.

ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting the TV anime which premieres on 8th July 2020, with new Episodes every Wednesday, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Thursday, 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Friday, 21:00 [20:00 id/th].

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