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Rei Lynn
Country: Malaysia
Pray for Japan Special Kumamoto

This is a special Pray for Japan video to share my prayers and also a humble reminder that if it were not for Japan, we will not be able to enjoy the anime, manga, games and J-culture today.    I created this as a dedication and prayer to the people of Kumamoto. On the 16th of April, Kyushu was struck by a powerful earthquake, collapsing buildings, taking the lives away and destroying the livelihood of many. :(    Kumamoto is also the home to Eiichiro Oda - Yes, the mangaka or ONE PIECE!      The anime connection  Hana wa Saku is composed by none other than Yoko Kanno, the renowned composer for her anime soundtracks including Cowboy Bebop, Vision of Escaflowne, Record of Lodoss Wars and more.    I'm extremely glad and proud that NHK selected Yoko Kanno to have the honour of composing this very moving piece.    Please enjoy. Although it is not really anime relalted, most anime fans are also fans of Japanese culture and her people.     So lets all pray for Japan!