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Genre: Action, Game

Sybilt, a new stuffed animal, declares the start of the "Destined Showdown" between holders of the "Fated One" and "Destined One" cards. A clash between fate and destiny begins!

Premiering 14 July, SUN 23:00 [GMT+8]
Recap & New Eps SUNs, 22:30 [GMT+8]
Encores on MONs, 16:30 [GMT+8]
*VOD streaming is available.

©VANGUARD Divinez Character Design ©2021-2024 CLAMP・ST illust:Kinema citrus


Next Episode:
#1 Destined Showdown


Akina Myodo (CV: Toshiya Miyata)

A second-year high school student, who takes care of his sister, Hikari, in place of their father. Owner of the “Fated One of Miracles” card. He takes interest in Vanguard influenced by Hikari and his senior.

Gabwelius (CV: Jun Fukuyama)

A mysterious lifeform that appeared before Akina. Looks like a plush toy no matter how you look at it. Also known as Gab.

Hikari Myodo (CV: Eri Yukimura)

Akina’s sister, who is a third-year middle school student. She has a weak constitution, and is often in and out of the hospital. She wants a new set of pajamas with a rabbit design.

Nao Inabe (CV: Yuka Nishio)

A first-year university student and the owner of the “Fated One of Unparalleled” card. She is a senior at the family restaurant where Akina works. She is liked by everyone for her caring nature.

Suou Yobitsugi (CV: Reiji Kawashima)

The owner of the “Fated One of Zero” card. He is in same school year as Akina. While Suou doesn’t get involved with anyone and shows no interest in anything, he demonstrates a genius-level skill in Vanguard.

Mikoto Saito (CV: Haruki Iwata)

The owner of the “Fated One of Ever-changing” card. She is in same school year as Akina and the center of attention in school. She works as an idol, but she suddenly declares a hiatus for some reasons.

Taizo Kiyokura (CV: Takumi Mano)

The owner of the “Fated One of Guiding Star” card. He is the scion and young president of the Kiyokura Group. He started a business related to Vanguard and spends his busy days as a businessman.

Masanori Iseki (CV: Shuta Morishima)

The owner of the “Fated One of Taboo” card. His words and actions are always suspicious. He’s powerful as a Vanguard fighter, and goes back far with Megumi and others.



Original Author
Bushiroad, Akira Ito

Animation Studio
Kinema Citrus

Taku Yamada

Series Composition
Takahito Onishi

Artists Voice
Toshiya Miyata as Akina Myodo
Jun Fukuyama as Gabwelius
Eri Yukimura as Hikari Myodo
Yuka Nishio as Nao Inabe
Reiji Kawashima as Suou Yobitsugi
Haruki Iwata as Mikoto Saito
Takumi Mano as Taizo Kiyokura
Shuta Morishima as Masanori Iseki

Artists Opening
"Shukumei (宿命)" by Strawberry Prince

Artists Ending
"Panorama (端程山)" by MyGO!!!!!


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