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Makeine: Too Many Losing Heroines!

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Anna Yanami, Lemon Yakishio and Chika Komari are Losing Heroines, a.k.a "Makeines"—girls who failed to win the hearts of their crushes. A chaotic story featuring the quirky Makeines begins!

Premiering 14 July, SUN 01:30 [GMT+8]
Encore on SUN, 19:30 [GMT+8]

Recap & New Eps SUNs, 01:00 [GMT+8]
Encores on SUNs, 19:00 [GMT+8]

©Takibi Amamori/Shogakukan/Losing Heroine Cheering Committee


#1 Professional Childhood Friend Yanami Anna’s Style of Losing

#2 Episode 2


Kazuhiko Nukumizu (CV: Shuichiro Umeda)

A first-year in high school. An avid reader of light novels who never misses a new release. While he enjoys being a philosophical loner, his hobbies include enjoying the different tastes of tap water.

Anna Yanami (CV: Hikaru Tono)

Kazuhiko's classmate. Bright, charming, and popular in the class, but somewhat absent-minded. Also a big eater. She has had a long-standing crush on a childhood friend for many years, but...?

Lemon Yakishio (CV: Shion Wakayama)

Kazuhiko's classmate and the ace of the track and field team. Always full of energy and cheerful. She loves running but isn't very good at studying. She has a tiny crush on her childhood friend who is smart.

Chika Komari (CV: Momoka Terasawa)

A first-year in the literature club. She is shy and introverted. Same as Kazuhiko, she has no friends. However, she has opened up to her senior in the club, and her gaze is always directed towards…



Original Author
Takibi Amamori

Animation Studio
A-1 Pictures

Shotaro Kitamura

Series Composition
Masahiro Yokotani

Artists Voice
Shuichiro Umeda as Kazuhiko Nukumizu
Hikaru Tono as Anna Yanami
Shion Wakayama as Lemon Yakishio
Momoka Terasawa as Chika Komari

Artists Opening
"Tsuyogaru Girl (つよがるガール)" by Botchi Boromaru feat. Mossa (Necry Talkie)

Artists Ending
"LOVE2000" by Anna Yanami (CV: Hikaru Tono)


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