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Tsurune – The Linking Shot –

Genre: Drama, Sports

Kazemai High School Archery Club emerged victorious in the prefecture tournament. Tsujimine High School Archery Club, which no one has ever heard of, suddenly participates in the regional tournament. Eisuke Nikaido, a member of Tsujimine, stands before Minato and the others with a fearless smile.

"I've persevered in Japanese Archery to crush you all. Don't belittle me."

Their thoughts, turned into arrows, are released from the bow. When these shots clash, yet another answer, unbeknownst to all, will be born.


#1 Acclamations Towards Summer

#2 Spirits Taken Up a Notch

#3 The Gloves Come Off

#4 Episode 4

#5 Episode 5

#6 Thrown a Curve

#7 Resonating Feelings

#8 On the Same Path

#9 Unrestrained Will

#10 A Convenient Dawn

#11 Episode 11

#12 Episode 12


Minato Narumiya

A first year student at Kazemai High School. Charmed by the beauty of Japanese Archery after watching a tournament with his mother, he started Japanese archery as an elementary school student. Ever since he was defeated at his final middle school tournament due to personal reasons, he lost confidence and grew distant from Japanese Archery, but… He lives near Seiya, his childhood friend and best friend. He gets along well with the Takehaya household's dog, Kuma.

Seiya Takehaya

A first year student at Kazemai High School. Childhood friends and best friends with Minato. Captain of the Japanese Archery club. An elite student serving as the freshmen representative. He has a mature personality, but at times loses his cool when it comes to matters concerning Minato. He usually wears glasses, but puts on contact lenses when doing archery. Owner of a huge dog named Kuma. His comes from a family of doctors that owns an orthopedic clinic.

Ryohei Yamanouchi

A first year student at Kazemai High School. Friendly, outgoing and straightforward. Ryohei grew up with Minato and Seiya when they were in elementary school. He later transferred schools, and they met each other again in high school by chance. His interest towards Japanese Archery started in middle school. Although he has held the bow and arrow during martial arts classes, it is only during high school that he seriously started Japanese Archery, and thus is the least experienced among the club members.

Nanao Kisaragi

A first year student at Kazemai High School. Kaito's cousin. He is often the mediator when Kaito picks a quarrel with Minato. He uses a mysterious and original greeting, "Mehhaa". He is a showy and seemingly shallow person, but is actually a person who can calmly judge things. He is popular enough with girls that he has a "Nanao Fanclub" in school. For some reason, he cannot seem to get animals to like him.

Kaito Onogi

A first year student at Kazemai High School. Nanao's cousin. He used to always follow Nanao around when they were young. Behaves as though he has seen the world. He is hot-blooded and takes Japanese Archery very seriously, which is why he does not want to accept Minato who has once turned his back on Japanese Archery. He loves reading. He has a cat named Lucy. Animals tend to like him.

Masaki Takigawa

A mysterious man Minato met at an archery range, “Yata no Mori”. His archery skills are superb and elegant, though he somewhat behaves like an old man. When no one is at the archery range at night, he practices with a target of 10,000 shots.

Shuu Fujiwara

A first year student at Kirisaki High School. His grandfather is British. A noble bloodline flows in him as he draws the bow in a flamboyant style, thus gaining himself the title, “the young nobleman”. Even within the Kirisaki High School's Japanese Archery club, which is considered a powerhouse, his ability is outstanding. He was teammates with Minato and Seiya during their middle school days. He likes to eat Japanese food.


Original Author
Kotoko Ayano

Animation Studio
Kyoto Animation

Takuya Yamamura

Michiko Yokote

Artists Voice
Yuto Uemura as Minato Narumiya
Aoi Ichikawa as Seiya Takehaya
Shintaro Asanuma as Masaki Takigawa
Kensho Ono as Shu Fujiwara
Shogo Yano as Nanao Kisaragi
Kaito Ishikawa as Kaito Onogi
Ryota Suzuki as Ryohei Yamanouchi
Jun Fukuyama as Eisuke Nikaido

Artists Opening
"℃" by Luck Life

Artists Ending
"Hitominaka (ヒトミナカ)" by Tei


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