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The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Game, Music
Episodes: 25
Rated: Rated PG

The long-established talent agency 346 Production is starting a new program, the Cinderella Project! Everyday girls are chosen to be aspiring idols and see another world for the first time. Can they all climb the stairs that lead to the palace?



#1 Who Is In the Pumpkin Carriage?

#2 I Never Seen Such a Beautiful Castle

#3 A Ball is Resplendent, Enjoyable, and …

#4 Everyday Life, really full of joy!

#5 I don’t want to become a wallflower

#6 Finally, our day has come!

#7 I wonder where I find the light I shine …

#8 I want you to know my hidden heart

#9 “Sweet” is a magical word to make you happy!

#10 Our world is full of joy!!

#11 Can you hear my voice from the heart?

#12 The magic needed for a flower to bloom

#13 It’s about time to become Cinderella girls!

#14 Who is the lady in the castle?

#15 When the spell is broken …

#16 The light shines in my heart

#17 Where does this road lead to?

#18 A little bit of courage shows your way

#19 If you’re lost, let’s sing aloud!

#20 Which way should I go to get to the castle?

#21 Crown for each

#22 The best place to see the stars

#23 Glass Slippers

#24 Barefoot Girl

#25 Cinderella Girls at the Ball


Shimamura Uzuki

(Age: 17 / Birthday: April 24 / Blood Type: O / Height & Weight: 159cm 44kg) Uzuki always has a smile on her face. She's lively and positive, and always works hard. Her hobby is talking on the phone with her friends.

Shibuya Rin

(Age: 15 / Birthday: August 10 / Blood Type: B / Height & Weight: 165 cm 44kg) Her family runs a flower shop and she helps out there sometimes. She looks somewhat cold but she comes out of her shell to those who are close to her. Her hobby is walking her dog.

Honda Mio

(Age: 15 / Birthday: December 1 / Blood Type: B / Height & Weight: 161cm 46kg) She's a moodmaker who lightens up the mood with her sociable personality and excess energy. Mio gives people a nickname and calls them by it. Her hobby is going shopping.

Nitta Minami

(Age: 19 / Birthday: July 27 / Blood Type: O / Height & Weight: 165cm 45kg) Minami is a college student who plays lacross. She is the oldest among all the members. She's sweet and diligent. Her hobby is playing lacrosse.


(Age: 15 / Birthday: September 19 / Blood Type: O / Height & Weight: 165cm 45kg) Nicknamed 'Anya', Anastasia's father is Russian and her mother is Japanese. She has no problem with listening to both Russian and Japanese, however she is not fluent when speaking Japanese. Her hobby is having house parties and observation of the stars.

Kanzaki Ranko

(Age: 14 / Birthday: April 8 / Height & Weight: 156cm 41kg) A girl with red eyes and dressed in Gothic Lolita style. Ranko speaks a strange language and uses phrases that other people don't understand. Her hobby is drawing.

Mimura Kanako

(Age: 17 / Birthday: January 6 / Blood Type: O / Height & Weight: 153cm 51kg) Kanako likes both making and eating sweets. She's broad-minded and warm-hearted. Her hobby is making sweets.

Ogata Chieri

(Age: 16 / Birthday: Jun 11 / Blood Type: A / Height & Weight: 153cm 41kg) Chieri often gets lonely and she holds onto the four-leaf clover that holds happy memories with her family. She's extremely timid. Her hobby is collecting four-leaf clovers.

Futaba Anzu

(Age: 17 / Birthday: September 2 / Blood Type: B / Height & Weight: 139cm 30kg) Anzu's a lazy idol who loves sleeping and lolling around. She always carries her rabbit doll with her. Dreaming about living on the royalties, she decided to become an idol.

Moroboshi Kirari

(Age: 17 / Birthday: September 1 / Blood Type: O / Height & Weight: 185cm 61.5kg) She's taller than any other idols, but she's very girly on the inside and loves cute stuff. She became an idol in hopes of being loved by everyone. Her hobby is collecting cute things.

Jougasaki Rika

(Age: 12 / Birthday: July 30 / Blood Type: B / Height & Weight: 149cm 36kg) Following her sister Mika who is a popular idol, Rika also enters the idol world. She pursues a 'charismatic little girl' image just like her sister. Her hobby is collecting stickers.

Akagi Miria

(Age: 11 / Birthday: April 14 / Blood Type: AB / Height & Weight: 140cm 36kg) Miria loves cute things a lot. She became an idol because she wanted to wear cute clothes, sing cute songs, and do cute dances. She's the youngest girl of the Cinderella project who is carefree and energetic.

Maekawa Miku

(Age: 15 / Birthday: February 22 / Blood Type: B / Height & Weight: 140cm 36kg) Miku adores cats and has the concept of a cat. She always wears a pair of cat ears and adds 'nyaa' ('meow' in Japanese) at the end of every sentence. But she hates fish. Her hobby is going to cat themed cafes.

Tada Riina

(Age: 17 / Birthday: June 30 / Blood Type: A / Height & Weight: 152 cm 41kg) Riina admires the genre 'Rock' and aims to become a 'Rock' idol. However, she gets flustered when asked about rock since she has neither experience nor knowledge about it. Her hobby is listening to music.


He's the producer of 346 Production who designed the Cinderella Project. He's capable but sometimes he gets misunderstood due to his frigtening face and brusqueness. He's not good at expressing his emotions either.


Matsuo Yuusuke

Takao Noriko

Artists Voice
Ohashi Ayaka as Shimamura Uzuki; Fukuhara Ayaka as Shibuya Rin; Hara Sayuri as Honda Mio; Suzaki Aya as Nitta Minami; Uesaka Sumire as Anastasia; Uchida Maaya as Kanzaki Ranko; Otsubo Yuka as Miura Kanako; Ozora Naomi as Ogata Chieri; Igarashi Hiromi as Futaba Anzu; Matsuzaki Rei as Moroboshi Kirari; Yamamoto Nozomi as Jougasaki Rika; Kurosawa Tomoyo as Akagi Miria; Takamori Natsumi as Maekawa Miku; Aoki Ruriko as Tada Riina; Takeuchi Shunsuke as Producer

Artists Opening
"Star!!" by Cinderella Project

Artists Ending
"Message" by Shimamura Uzuki, Shibuya Rin & Honda Mio


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I love this anime <3 Triad Primus Best Sub Unit


one of my favorite Anime Idols Girls


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