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The Dangers In My Heart

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Kyotaro Ichikawa is a "chunibyo" boy who loves reading books about murders. He tends to harbor peculiar thoughts towards his attractive-looking classmate, Anna Yamada. One day, Yamada visits the library, Ichikawa’s sanctuary. Thinking she is alone, she begins stuffing her face with an onigiri. She begins humming and doing whatever she wants.

Unable to predict her movements, Ichikawa can’t seem to take his eyes off her…

Premieres on 17 Dec, SUN 20:30 [GMT+8]
Encores on 19 & 24 Dec, 20:00 [GMT+8]


#1 I Had It Stolen From Me

#2 I Died

#3 I Want to Hold Her Tight

#4 I Have a Diseased Mind

#5 We Got Separated

#6 I Melted It

#7 We Switched Places

#8 I Had a Dream

#9 I Hate Yamada

#10 We Slowly Walked

#11 We’re Kind of Alike

#12 I Want to Know Myself


Kyotaro Ichikawa

A "chunibyo" and gloomy person. He loves reading grotesquerie-hunting books about murders, and often spends his time alone in the library. Can’t seem to take his eyes off unpredictable classmate, Anna Yamada.

Anna Yamada

A beautiful girl with a great figure, and works as a model. She is well-known in school. Despite her looks, she loves eating. Always goes at her own pace and takes action before thinking. She prefers being called "funny" than "cute".


Masato Katsumata

Original Author
Norio Sakurai

Animation Studio
Shin-Ei Animation

Hiroaki Akagi

Series Composition
Jukki Hanada

Artists Voice
Hina Yomiya as Anna Yamada
Shun Horie as Kyotaro Ichikawa

Artists Opening
"Shayou (斜陽)" by Yorushika

Artists Ending
"Suu-centimental (数センチメンタル)" by Kohana Lam


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