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Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Second season to Princess Connect! Re: Dive.

In the beautiful land of Astraea where a gentle breeze blows, a boy named Yuuki awakens with no memory of his past.

There, he encounters a guide who has sworn to care for him—Kokkoro,
a lovely swordswoman who's always feeling peckish—Pecorine,
and a cat-eared sorceress with a prickly attitude—Karyl.

Led by fate, these four come together to form the "Gourmet Guild.“
The adventures of the Gourmet Guild resumes in Season 2!

© Princess Connect! Re: Dive Production Committee


#1 Menu 1: A Walk on the Gourmet Side Curiosity Is the Best Bouquet Garni

#2 Menu 2: A Moody Cat’s Hesitation Antipasto in the Moonlight

#3 Menu 3: Tea Party in the Mysterious Forest ~Afternoon Carries the Scent of Danger~

#4 Menu 4: The Budding Detective ~Mirror Glaze on the Mind~

#5 Menu 5: Light and Darkness as One ~Churrasco of Indecision and Resolve~

#6 Menu 6: Code Name: Monika ~Bouillabaisse Is Best Enjoyed Hot~

#7 Menu 7: The Prankster Pixie ~Cuore in the Mist~

#8 Menu 8: A Letter to Join Feelings ~Arancini on the Green Hill~

#9 Menu 9: Converging Hearts, Passing Souls ~Crepes the Flavor of a Promise~

#10 Menu 10: Landosol at Sundown

#11 Menu 11: Those Who Fight Back

#12 Menu 12: Connecting the Pieces with You Once More


Pecorine (CV: M・A・O)
Kokkoro (CV: Miku Ito)
Karyl (CV: Rika Tachibana)
Yuuki (CV: Atsushi Abe)


Original Author

Animation Studio

Yasuo Iwamoto

Series Composition
Takaomi Kanasaki

Artists Voice
M・A・O as Pecorine
Miku Ito as Kokkoro
Rika Tachibana as Karyl
Atsushi Abe as Yuuki


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