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Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

After a series of events, catgirls Chocola and Vanilla now work at a patisserie "La Soleil" with their master Kasho Minazuki. One day, when Chocola goes out to run some errands, she meets a kitten. The story starts with their encounter...


#1 Welcome to La Soleil!

#2 A Lost Kitten?

#3 Curious About Her

#4 It’s Her First Time…!

#5 Cacao’s Adventure

#6 Battle Without Honor or Humanity!

#7 House-Sitting Cats

#8 Shigure’s Melancholy

#9 True Feelings

#10 Bell Renewal Examination

#11 Cacao’s Repayment

#12 Summer! Sea! Neko Paradise!



Cat Breed: Mixed | Age: 9 Months
A cheerful and straightforward catgirl with a dog-like personality who is very fond of her master. Vanilla’s twin sister and the youngest among the Minazuki catgirls.


Cat Breed: Mixed | Age: 9 Months
A clever and quiet catgirl who loves Chocola. Chocola’s twin sister and the youngest among the Minazuki catgirls. Vanilla is prone to be misunderstood because she rarely expresses her emotions.

Kasho Minazuki

Patissier and owner of Patisserie Soleil who left his home where his parents ran a Japanese confectionery, in order to pursue his own dream. He is hardworking and diligent who even claims his hobby is his job. Yet he spoils catgirls a lot.

Shigure Minazuki

Kasho’s younger sister and the catgirls’ owner. Considerably younger than Kasho, she is deeply attached to her elder brother, has a talent for business and secretly runs a company. She supports Kasho from the shadows gets out of control at times


Cat Breed: Munchkin | Age: 3 Years
Eldest of the Minazuki catgirls. Fearless and easygoing. Azuki is not afraid to voice her mind, often with a few uncouth words. She has a complex about her body size. Never, ever mention “short legs” around her.


Cat Breed: American Curl | Age: 2 Years
A prideful, quick-witted, and arrogant catgirl who loves branded products. She speaks frankly, but is attentive to those around her. A scaredy-cat.


Cat Breed: Scottish Fold | Age: 2 Years
A busty, laid-back and smiley catgirl who often acts like the mother of other catgirls. Sensitive to eroticism, she is easily aroused. She often has masochistic fantasies.


Cat Breed: Maine Coon | Age: 1 Year
A tall, calm and glamorous. Actually the third youngest. Has a complex about her 'unfeminine' appearance. Extremely loyal with extraordinary physical capabilities. Loves helping others but always ends up failing.


Cat Breed: ??? | Age: ?



Yasutaka Yamamoto

Artists Voice
Yuki Yagi as Chocola; Iori Saeki as Vanilla; Shinnosuke Tachibana as Kasho Minazuki; M.A.O as Shigure Minazuki; Shiroi Izawa as Azuki; Miku Ito as Maple; Yuri Noguchi as Cinnamon; Marin Mizutani as Coconut

Artists Opening
"Shiny Happy Days" by Chocola (CV.Yuki Yagi), Vanilla (CV.Iori Saeki), Azuki (CV.Shiori Izawa), Maple (CV.Miku Ito), Cinnamon (CV.Yuri Noguchi), Coconut (CV.Marin Mizutani)

Artists Ending
"Hidamari no Kaori" by Chocola (CV.Yuki Yagi) & Vanilla (CV.Iori Saeki)


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NEKOPARA vs Mitsuboshi Colors


Shiori Izawa….Miku Itou…..hehehe

Danika Regan

The best anime I can never get enough of watching in cheering myself up after a long day at school, just to see our beloved Nekos, that includes Chocola, Vanilla, Azuki, Maple, Cinnamon, Coconut, and that cute lil’ kitten that wandered into Patiserrie La Soleil alongside with Chocola.

To be honest, the opening scene hit me hard the most, though I have never experienced of being abandoned, but I do knew what did the twin nekos had been going through at their young age, alone, cold, helpless, emotionally and physically oppressed, with nothing else to do but lie in the box as the cold rain pour down upon them both, until their master, Kashou and Shigure comes in to save them from their suffering.

This is what a good moral lesson for those who see animals or people in streets, as we should help those in need by giving food an water, love and care.

The opening scene gave that lesson, until the happy and sad, lots of wholesome and cutest moments began to pour in, adding a bittersweet kind of vibe which could really cure our hunger in seeing something cute.


This was beautiful Admin. Thank you for your reflections.


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