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Mr Love: Dream Date

Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 12 Episodes
Rated: Rated 13

Following in the steps of "my" deceased father, "I" fight hard everyday to bring up the popularity of the TV program "Miracle Finder", as the producer and president of a small production studio, "Miracle Entertainment".

That was until my encounter with four "Evolvers": Lucien, Kiro, Gavin, and Victor.

My encounter with these Evolvers will unveil the conspiracies behind my father's death and the memories I lost.

What kind of truth will we reach as we move forward with all our might?

*Only available for viewing in Singapore.


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A top-idol who used to be a child actor.
Loves pranks and has a childish side, but is sharp-witted. The heroine invited him for a TV appearance when they bumped into each other in a convenience store.


An elite neuroscientist who returned from overseas studies. The heroine, looking for an expert, invites him for a TV appearance. He is polite towards everyone, but no one really knows his true self nor motives.


The CEO of Loveland Financial Group (LFG), the sole investee of the heroine's company. Strict and proper, and spares no effort at growing his business. He may seem cold, but he is a kind person who would offer a hand to the weak.


An officer of Loveland City's Special Task Force. He was a senior from the heroine's high school, and has a unique way of viewing good and evil. A lone wolf who stands by his own beliefs. He does not waver even if someone were to misunderstand him.


Mr Love: Dream Date (Papergames)

Munehisa Sakai

Artists Voice
Tetsuya Kakihara as Kiro; Daisuke Hirakawa as Lucien; Tomokazu Sugita as Victor; Yuki Ono as Gavin; Hisako Kanemoto as "Me"

Artists Opening
"Nibiiro no Yoake" by Yutaro Miura

Artists Ending
"Maiorite Kita Yuki" by Konomi Suzuki


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