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Lycoris Recoil

Genre: Action, Slice of Life
Episodes: 13
Rated: Rated 13

“LycoReco” is a café in Tokyo that not only takes orders of coffee and sweets. From delivering packages to monster extermination…?!

The cheerful poster-girl, the cool and serious newbie, a girl who doesn't want to work, a woman "around thirty" who's eager for marriage, and a manager who loves Japan!

Whatever your order is, leave it all up to them♪

©Spider Lily/Aniplex, ABC ANIMATION, BS11



Chisato Nishikigi (CV: Chika Anzai)

A girl who always smiles and enjoys living for today over anticipating tomorrow. She’s compassionate, gullible, finds fun in everything, and never gets hurt. She enjoys detours, going the long way around, and getting into trouble.

Takina Inoue (CV: Shion Wakayama)

A girl with a cool personality. The ethics of her actions are situational.
She hates irrational behavior. Be efficient and smart! But she is naive and behind when it comes to trends. She’s confused daily by the random things Chisato teaches her.

Mizuki Nakahara (CV: Ami Koshimizu)

Her routine includes a nightly drink while reading wedding magazines.
She continues to work at the café in hopes of meeting her special someone. But there are no hunky customers! Sometimes the complaints of this almost thirty pitiful young woman seep out. By the way, today she’s taken zero damage/hits from the others. ♪

Kurumi (CV: Misaki Kuno)

A young runaway girl of unknown origins who loves all kinds of games. She’s a terrible employee who reluctantly works an exchange for lodging. She only looks forward to gaming parties with the café’s regulars come closing time.



Original Author
Spider Lily, Asaura

Animation Studio
A-1 Pictures

Shingo Adachi

Artists Voice
Chika Anzai as Chisato Nishikigi
Shion Wakayama as Takina Inoue
Ami Koshimizu as Mizuki Nakahara
Misaki Kuno as Kurumi
Kosuke Sakaki as Mika

Artists Opening
"ALIVE" by ClariS

Artists Ending
"Hana no Tou" by Sayuri


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Call of the night



Lycoris Recoil vs I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out my Level

Dog yawa

Can I put my balls in yo jaw balls in yo jaw can I? Can I? Can i


Best anime of Summer 2022
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Please Aniplus Asiagoback togood alldaysuncensored

Aniplus Asia can you please stop cutting violence scenes cause it ruins the anime like literally. Cause if you do it like everytime sorry but I will leave this channel not just me I mean everyone will notice the cuts of the anime you air if you want to dominate south east Asia please stop censoring anime just like the 2 youtube channels and your 1 only competitor

Last edited 1 year ago by Please Aniplus Asiagoback togood alldaysuncensored
Justine Vargas

Aniplus asia if you can’t avoid the censorship how about make the simulcast anime uncensored cause its Midnight 1-3am is a good time to air uncensored version and on the morning air the censored version so that government regulations can be avoided.

Jojo buendia

Can you please change the lycoris recoil from 13+ some violence to 16+ violence cause we all know this anime will have more bloodshed scene in the future that important in the story.


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