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Kemono Michi: Rise Up

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 12

Rated: Rated 13

The strongest masked wrestler, Kemona Mask aka Genzo Shibata, is summoned to another world to slay monsters. But the animal-loving Genzo refuses!

His true dream is to own a pet shop and be surrounded by animals. Will Genzo successfully lead his glamorous life in another world?!

Premiere: 6 October, SUN 23:30 [22:30 id/th]
New Episodes: SUNs, 23:30 [22:30 id/th]
Encore: TUEs, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]
Schedule may change without prior notice.

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#1 Wrestler X Summon
#2 Quest vs. Magical Beast-Killer
#3 Runaway Girl vs. Assailant
#4 Magical Beast vs. Jobbing
#5 Kemona Mask vs. MAO
#6 Failure vs. Master
#7 First Apprentice vs. Nuisance
#8 Kemona vs. Enterprise
#9 Princess vs. Panties
#10 Money vs. Friendship
#11 Pride vs. Loyalty
#12 Hero vs. Devil King


Genzo Shibata (Kemona Mask)

A young man who was summoned to another world amidst the world championship title match as the strongest masked wrestler, Kemona Mask. A passionate animal lover who is unforgiving towards those who harm them. His signature move is the German Suplex.


A wolf beastman who joins Genzo's party after he rescued her from the hands of unethical merchants. She is always at the mercy of the party's poor financial status, but is actually a calculative person. She is very grateful and admires Genzo for his fair treatment towards beastmen.


A young half-dragon girl with horns and a scaled tail. Daughter of Fafnir, a distinguished demon family. She left home in search for gourmet food around the world. An extremely greedy gross eater who isn't picky, even finishing up every single piece of pet food she is fed.


A vampire who is also Hanako's loyal attendant. She is leeching off Genzo while watching over Hanako.

A useless woman who leads an idle life with wine.

MAO (Macadamian Ogre)

A strong Judo practitioner who is Kemona Mask's nemesis. As Kemona Mask is the only person he couldn't defeat, he is very determined to win one day.


Genzo's adorable pure mixed–breed partner. He was summoned to another world with Genzo during the match. Being the only one of its type in the new world, Hiroyuki is treated as a rare existence.


She is in a group with Edgar. A wonderfully charming tomboy cat beastman with cat ears and a tail. She respects Wolfgang and calls him "Bro".

Wolfgang von Craftman

A wolf beastman with a fluffly chest. Also in Edgar's group. He is planning to sell Genzo and Hiroyuki off at a high price, but got tamed instead.


A human who runs a money-lending business. He was stopped by Genzo before he could sell off a debt-ridden Shigure.


Artists Opening
"Fight! Kemona Mask" by NoB with Kemona Mask (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi)

Artists Ending
"Anecdote" by Momosu Momosu

Artists Voice
Katsuyuki Konishi as Genzo Shibata (Kemona Mask); Akira Sekine as Shigure; Yuki Yagi as Hanako; Arisa Sakuraba as Carmilla; Tetsu Inada as MAO; Rie Suegara as Hiroyuki; Hana Tamegai as Misha; Kenichiro Matsuda as Wolfgang

Kazuya Miura

Natsume Akatsuki (Author), Yumeuta & Mosuke Mattaku (Art)


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