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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes: 1
Rated: Rated 13

Orario celebrates the Divine Moon Festival—a long-running festival dating back to before the gods descended.
Dubbed the “Little Rookie” by the people of Orario, adventurer Bell Cranel and his goddess, Hestia, are amongst the hustle and bustle.
Colourful stalls and noisy activities light up the night as the waning moonlight envelops the city.
High up in the night sky, the moon hangs peacefully.

Thus, begins the birth of a hero, and the start of a new adventure story…




A goddess known as the "Loli with a huge rack" in Orario. She is reluctant to recruit new members for the Familia as she treasures Bell too much. One of the Three Great Virgin Goddesses.

Bell Cranel

A boy who came to Orion to chase his dreams of becoming a hero. Now the talk of the city after becoming the record holder for the fastest rank up in history. Also known as the "Little Rookie".


One of the Three Great Virgin Goddesses. A solemn diety who is strict on discipline, and abnormally so when it comes to romantic relationships. Slightly different from other gods as she prefers to fight in the frontlines.

Lilliluca Arde

A girl who admires Bell and accompanies him as a supporter. Although she has yet to rank up, she is a reliable party member who possesses the transformation magic "Cinder Ella", is dexterous and quick-witted.

Welf Crozzo

A blacksmith in Bell's party. He is on an exclusive contract with Bell and is responsible for his main equipment. An excellent magic sword blacksmith with a strong hatred for magic swords.

Ryu Lion

An elf working at the Hostess of Fertility. However, her true identity is of a strong Level 4 Adventurer. She usually hides her true form, and lives her life out of peoples sights.


A wile god who is a self-proclaimed fan of Bell.
Sharp and quick-witted, his true intentions hidden. What kind of trouble will he create this time…?


Fujino Omori (Author), Suzuhito Yasuda (Illustrator)

Katsushi Sakurabi

Artists Opening
"Under The Same Sky" by Yuka Iguchi


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