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Aho-Girl x Tsuredure Children

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

Catch Aho-Girl & Tsuredure Children back to back!



Hanabatake Yoshiko

From Aho-Girl: A high school girl who is stupid both academically and socially. She even gets zeroes on multiple choice tests. She is almost always seen hanging around her neighbor, childhood friend and classmate Akutsu whom she calls "A-kun". She is very energetic.Her favorite food is bananas.

Akutsu Akuru

From Aho-Girl: Akuru is a smart and serious high school student who is constantly annoyed by Yoshiko's antics. The reason he and Yoshiko are classmates is because he chose to attend a local high school as the really academic schools were too far away that he wouldn't get much time to study. He scolds Yoshiko for her idiotic behavior, even resorting to punches.

Sumino Sayaka

From Aho-Girl: Akuru and Yoshiko's classmate who ends up becoming friends with the two. She too is level-headed and assumes the straight-man role (tsukomi), often moderating interactions between Yoshiko and others.

Public Morals Chairwoman

From Aho-Girl: An unnamed girl who is in charge of morals at the school. She cannot stand Yoshiko's idiocy. When Akuru starts complimenting her by accident, saying princely things like "If (Yoshiko) gives you any more trouble let me know." and "She's a hundred times more attractive than (Yoshiko)", she develops a major crush on Akuru.

Sugawara Takuro

From Tsuredure Children: A nice boy who tries to be considerate whenever he can. he is from class 2-4 and is a member of the soccer club.

Takano Chizuru

From Tsuredure Children: She is seemingly emotionless girl from class 2-4 and is a member of the wind instruments club. She says she has no interest in love because she doesn't understand it.

Akagi Masafumi

From Tsuredure Children: He is a straightforward dominant boy and is the student council president. He is in class 3-8.

Kaji Ryoko

From Tsuredure Children: She is delinquent from class 3-8 and often smokes behind the school.

Goda Takeru

From Tsuredure Children: A muscular boy with few expression who is from class 2-4 and is in the volleyball club.

Kamine Ayaka

From Tsuredure Children: She is a shy timid girl from class 2-4 and is a member of the tea ceremony club.


Aho-Girl: Ishikawa Masakazu; Tsuredure Children: Sumimoto Etsuko

Aho-Girl: Kusakawa Keizou & Tamaki Shingo; Tsuredure Children: Kaneko Hiraku

Artists Voice
Aho-Girl: Yuuki Aoi as Hanataba Yoshiko; Sugita Tomokazu as Akutsu Akuru; Harada Sayaka as Sumino Sayaka; Uesaka Sumire as Public Morals Chairwoman; Tsuredure Children: Ishikawa Kaito as Sugawara Takuro; Minase Inori as Takano Chizuru; Ono Kensho as Akagi Masafumi; Sakura Ayane as Kaji Ryoko; Maeno Tomoaki as Goda Takeru; Ogura Yui as Kamine Ayaka

Artists Opening
Aho-Girl: "Zenryoku☆Summer!" by angela; Tsuredure Children: "Aimai Moko" by Minase Inori

Artists Ending
Aho-Girl: "Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku" by Uesaka Sumire; Tsuredure Children: "Dear" by Ogura Yui


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