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  • Concert: Anime JAM 2018

    Kemono Friends x Aikatsu Friends! collaboration

    Anime JAM2018 – TV Tokyo’s anime concert – was held at Maihama Amphitheater on 23 December 2018, and featured performances from Kemono Friends and Aikatsu Friends! among many other voice acting […]

  • Wake Up, Girls! Final Live Announced

    Final concert before official disbandment

    Voice actor idol unit Wake Up, Girls! – previously announced that they would be disbanding in March 2019 – will be holding their Final Live at Saitama Super Arena on 8 […]

  • Trend Awards 2018

    Top monthly trending anime words on Twitter for 2018

    Every year, Trend Awards hand out awards to most-talked about subjects for a variety of topical categories on Twitter. Before the award announcements for the year on 26 December 2018, check out […]

  • Wake Up, Girls! New Costume

    Costume for upcoming compilation album before disbandment

    Voice actor unit Wake Up, Girls! – due to disband in March 2019 – unveiled their new costume that is to be used as the CD sleeve for their upcoming compilation album “Wake […]

  • Run Girls, Run!’s New Single

    Theme song for new anime title in Jan 2019

    Voice actor unit Run Girls, Run! will release their new single “Break the Blue!!” on 6 February 2019.

  • Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter on ANIPLUS

    Simulcast details for Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter

    It has been a few years since the last season, and ANIPLUS is happy to bring to you Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter this Fall! On top of that  It [...]