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  • Another Kemono Friends 2 Key Visual!

    Two more Friends added

    The official Twitter of Kemono Friends unveiled yet another updated key visual.

  • YOSHIKI appears in an anime?!

    Special appearance in "Late Night! The Genius Bakabon"

    Artiste YOSHIKI made an unexpected appearance in the finale of "Late Night! The Genius Bakabon" broadcast on 25th September 2018. Check out the scene and also an illustration done by him. "Late [...]
  • PERSONA5 TV Special Announced!

    See official stills for special episode "Dark Sun..."

    During the domestic broadcast of the series finale of PERSONA5 the Animation in Japan, a video preview made known that a TV Special titled “Dark Sun…” will be happening at […]

  • Another Kemono Friends 2 Key Visual!

    can you spot who from PPP popped out?

    The official Twitter of Kemono Friends unveiled an updated key visual, this time with the inclusion of the remaining two members from PPP idol unit:  Rockhopper Penguin and Humboldt Penguin. [...]
  • “TOKYO GHOUL:re Call to Exist” Game

    Video teaser and screenshots showcases gameplay

    Bandai Namco Entertainment’s “TOKYO GHOUL:re Call to Exist” has unveiled a teaser and screenshots on what you can expect from the upcoming action game. In the game, one gets to [...]
  • BanG Dream!’s new band to release album

    THE THIRD(TBD)’s “First and Last Album”

    RAISE A SUILEN, formerly known as THE THIRD(TBD), born from the new-generation multimedia girls’ band party project BanG Dream! will release their very first live CD. The band will release [...]
  • BanG Dream! Boys’ Band “ARGONAVIS”

    New boys’ band project revealed

    On Argonavis’ 2nd live held on 15 September 2018, it was announced that the band will work in the same way as the other original bands from the BanG Dream! [...]
  • New Friend Discovered!

    Kobe Animal Kingdom x Kemono Friends Collaboration

    Kemono Friends, which partners regularly with zoos all over Japan, has announced its latest collaboration with Kobe Animal Kingdom, an animal and flower park located on Port Island in Kobe. [...]
  • New Kemono Friends Game!

    Sega game announced at TGS 2018

    A new Kemono Friends game by Sega Games was announced at the recent Tokyo Game Show 2018, which was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The voice actors of Kemono [...]
  • Kemono Friends 2 New Key Visual

    Familiar faces are coming back for the second season!

    The official Twitter of Kemono Friends unveiled an updated key visual, this time with the inclusion of three members from PPP idol unit: Royal Penguin, Emperor Penguin and Gentoo Penguin. [...]