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BanG Dream!’s new band to release album

THE THIRD(TBD)’s “First and Last Album”

28 Sep 2018

RAISE A SUILEN, formerly known as THE THIRD(TBD), born from the new-generation multimedia girls’ band party project BanG Dream! will release their very first live CD. The band will release their first live CD from the days when they were formerly known as THE THIRD(TBD). The CD will comprise recordings of all songs performed on their first live event which took place on March 2018.

THE THIRD(TBD) is the third real-life band of BanG Dream!, consisting of members Raychell (vocals and bass), Riko Kohara (guitar), Natsume (drums) and Reo Kurachi (keyboard). At BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE which took place on May 2018, the band performed the opening act in presence of 24,000 fans for both days. The band held their 2nd live in July and announced their official band name, RAISE A SUILEN.

THE THIRD(TBD) held their 1st live, “THE THIRD(TBD) 1st Live”, on 25th March 2018, at Shimokitazawa GARDEN. The band performed their first original song “R・I・O・T” and covered a generous number of titles from the smartphone game “BanG Dream! Girls’ Band Party!”.

The live album will consist of recordings of all songs performed at “THE THIRD(TBD) 1st live”, which will become THE THIRD (TBD)’s precious first and last CD release.

ANIPLUS Asia previously collaborated with Bushiroad and brought BanG Dream! 5th☆Live Delayed Viewing to Malaysia on 18 & 19 August 2018.

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