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World’s End Harem Anime in 2021

Not just a harem, but a "World's End Harem"...?

12 May 2020

The TV anime adaptation of World’s End Harem (“Shuumatsu no Harem”), which is currently serialized on Shueisha’s manga application Shonen Jump+, has been announced for 2021.

World’s End Harem is a manga written by LINK, and drawn by Kotaro Shono. The manga follows the story of the main protagonist, Reito Mizuhara, who went into cold sleep and wakes up in a world where most men are extinct…

Over 5 million copies of the manga have been sold and the 11th volume will be released tomorrow, 15 May 2020.

Commemorative illustration by Kotaro Shono, illustrator of World’s End Harem

More details are to be released in the future.

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