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Voices of Anime: angela

Find out more about angela!

27 Apr 2019

ANIPLUS is happy to present to you “Voices of Anime”, featuring fripSide–we mean, angela!

There will always be a never-ending line of people with dreams for their voices to be heard.

The anisong duo, under the King Records label, started from being street performers in Japan and has since debuted for 15 years. The duo had their breakthrough after performing “Asu e no Brilliant Road”, the opening theme song of TV anime Stellvia of the Universe. They are most well-known for their works with Fafnir in the Azure and Knights of Sidonia.

Having released a single “Boku wa Boku de Atte”, featuring fripSide, angela is known among anisong fans to get along very well with the mentioned duo, to the extent of using each other’s names to introduce themselves.

Watch the interview to find out more about angela!

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