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Tsurune Special Event Report

See our archery boys’ cast in hakama

10 Mar 2019

Tsurune’s special event, Nousha no Gi (The Closing Ceremony), took place on 3 March 2019.

The main cast of the TV anime—Yuto Uemura (voice of Minato Narumiya), Aoi Ichikawa (voice of Seiya Takehaya), Ryota Suzuki (voice of Ryohei Yamanouchi), Shogo Yano (voice of Nanao Kisaragi), Kaito Ishikawa (voice of Kaito Onogi), Shintaro Asanuma (voice of Masaki Takigawa) and Kensho Ono (voice of Shu Fujiwara) made an appearance at the event in archery attire.

The performers of the TV anime’s opening and ending theme songs, Luck Life and Choucho also performed at the event, and an unaired episode of the anime was screened.

Here are some photos of the event from the official Twitter accounts of the cast and performers!


Tsurune official Twitter:


Yuto Uemura (Minato Narumiya) agency official Twitter:


Shogo Yano (Nanao Kisaragi) official Twitter:


Shogo Yano’s Manager:


Shintaro Asanuma (Masaki Takigawa) agency official Twitter:


Kensho Ono (Shu Fujiwara) official Twitter and Instagram:


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Luck Life (OP theme song artiste) official Twitter:


Choucho (ED theme song artiste) official Twitter:

Tsurune was simulcasted from October to December 2018 on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

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(C)Kotoko Ayano, Kyoto Animation / Tsurune Committee

Source: Nijimen

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