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Tokyo Ghoul:re #15 Preview

Check out the preview & stills

23 Oct 2018

Check out the preview and stills for Tokyo Ghoul:re #15 airing tonight!

The battle between CCG and the ghouls rages across Rushima. Ghoul investigator Abara Hanbe encounters Kurona Yasuhisa, a half-ghoul with deep-seated hatred for his beloved squad leader, Juzo Suzuya. Outmatched by her superior fighting skills, Abara is easily overwhelmed and gets pinned to the ground. And then…
Meanwhile, one of Aogiri Tree’s leaders, Tatara, stands in the way of the advancing squad led by Kosuke Hoji and Akira Mado. Bearing a grudge against Hoji, he goes on a relentless attack. Suddenly, former ghoul investigator and half-ghoul Seido Takizawa breaks his way in!

Tokyo Ghoul:re (Part 2) is currently simulcasting on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia. New episode airs/streams TUEs 23:00 [22:00 id/th].

Encore broadcasts include WEDs 18:00 [17:00], FRIs 22:00 [21:00] and SATs 20:00 [19:00].

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