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The Day I Became A God Cast and Staff

Heroine and director for the Key x ANIPLEX x P.A.WORKS project!

25 May 2020

Upcoming TV anime The Day I Became a God slated for October 2020 has revealed that Ayane Sakura will voice the TV anime’s main heroine while Yoshiyuki Asai will direct the series.

Asai previously served as director for Key, ANIPLEX and P.A.WORKS’ previous project Charlotte while Sakura also voiced Charlotte’s main heroine Nao Tomori.

A teaser video released two weeks ago:

The Official Website of The Day I Became a God describes the story as such:

Hina, who awakened as God, foresees the “end of the world”.

She chooses a lone young man.

As her companion, he will stay with her until the very end―

The Day I Became a God is slated for a premiere in October 2020.

A special prologue for the TV anime is scheduled for broadcast on 24 May in Japan.

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