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The Day I Became A God Anime

The return of Jun Maeda, with Key, ANIPLEX and P.A.WORKS!

11 May 2020

10 years after the airing of TV anime Angel Beats!, a new original series The Day I Became a God (“Kamisama ni Natta Hi”), which is slated for a October 2020 release, has been announced! A new PV has been released with the announcement.

The Day I Became a God will be the third original animation project between Key, ANIPLEX and P.A.WORKS, following Angel Beats! which aired 10 years ago and Charlotte which aired 5 years ago.

Original creator Jun Maeda (VISUAL ARTS / Key) will handle the scriptwriting, while Na-Ga (VISUAL ARTS / Key) is in charge of character concept and P.A.WORKS back to handle the animation.

With Back to the starting point” as the key phrase, a teaser PV and teaser visual were revealed for the bittersweet story.

Check out the teaser video here:

The Official Website of The Day I Became a God describes the story as such:

Hina, who awakened as God, foresees the “end of the world”.

She chooses a lone young man.

As her companion, he will stay with her until the very end―

The Day I Became a God is slated for a premiere in October 2020.

A special prologue for the TV anime is scheduled for broadcast on 24 May in Japan.

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(C)VISUAL ARTS / Key / 「神様になった日」Project

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