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The Promised Neverland #5 Preview

Synopsis and stills revealed

8 Feb 2019

Check out the synopsis and stills for The Promised Neverland #5: “301045”.

After determining that the traitor is Ray, Norman suggests Ray become a double agent. Ray reveals that he volunteered to be an informant to prepare for the escape. Ray then agrees to cooperate so long as Norman gives up on the idea of escaping with everyone, which also means tricking Emma.
The next day, Emma learns of Ray’s scheming and strengthens her resolve to escape with everyone. She reports that she found Isabella’s secret room. Don and Gilda meanwhile try to sneak into the room without telling the others.

The Promised Neverland airs/streams FRIs 01:45 [00:45 id/th] on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

Encore include FRIs 18:00 [17:00], SATs 23:00 [22:00] and SUNs 21:30 [20:30].

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