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My Wife Has No Emotion Episode Synopsis

I bought a "home appliance" and it became my "wife".

20 Jul 2024

My Wife Has No Emotion Episode 4 “My Wife Wore a Swimsuit” premieres on 20 July, 23:30 [22:30 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Sundays 17:00 [16:00 id/th] and Wednesdays 22:00 [21:00 id/th].



Episode 4 【My Wife Wore a Swimsuit】

Takuma goes to the beach with Mina and Akari. While Takuma waits for the two to change, Mina appears in a swimsuit.

However, something seems different—this Mina turns out to be Super Mina, an advanced model of the housekeeping robot.

Hesitant to leave Super Mina, who seems to be troubled about getting separated from her owner, Takuma decides to help her search for her owner, but…



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 3 【My Wife Met My Sister】

Takuma’s sister, Akari, discovers that her brother has a de facto wife and visits his apartment.

There, she learns that the woman living with him, Mina, is actually a housekeeping robot and that the two are married.

Excited by her “interspecies romance kink”, Akari exclaims, “Freakin’ awesome!”. She begins bombarding Mina, the wife, with all sorts of questions, however…



Episode 2 【I Had an Outing With My Wife】

On a Sunday, Takuma and Mina visit a local park for a picnic as a “married couple” for the first time.

There, Mina makes sandwiches and uses her functions to prepare hot spring eggs on the spot. While Takuma savors their happy time together, it starts to rain.

On top of that, Mina’s battery begins to run low, causing her to stop moving…



Episode 1 【My Home Appliance Became My Wife】

Takuma, a salaryman who lives alone, has a housekeeping robot named Mina, who cooks for him.

Takuma, who had developed feelings for Mina, one day musters up the courage to confess: “I love you the most. Will you be my wife?”

That evening’s dinner, an omelette rice, comes with a ketchup-drawn heart. Takuma and the home appliance, Mina, become a “married couple”.



ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting My Wife Has No Emotion with recap and new episodes every Saturday 23:00 [22:00 id/th]. Encores start at Sundays 17:00 [16:00 id/th] and Wednesdays 22:00 [21:00 id/th].


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