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Kemono Friends 2 #3 Preview

Synopsis and stills revealed

28 Jan 2019

Check out the synopsis and stills for Kemono Friends #3: “Sea Creatures”.

Serval and friends have reached the seaside. Their destination which is supposed to be nearby is nowhere to be found. They decide to ask for help from two Friends who happen to be there—Bottlenose Dolphin and California Sea Lion. The two know the way to their destination, but it is not possible to get there without any help. With that, Serval and her group will make their way there with the help of the two Friends…

Kemono Friends airs/streams TUEs 02:35 [01:35 id/th] on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

Encore broadcasts include TUEs 23:00 [22:00], WEDs 18:00 [17:00] and SUNs 21:00 [20:00].

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