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Kemono Friends 2 #1 Preview

Synopsis and stills revealed

14 Jan 2019

Check out the synopsis and stills for Kemono Friends #1

The Friends live in a peaceful Japari Park. Caracal finds a lost child in the forest. To help the child, Serval and Caracal decide to go on a journey with them. The trio advance as they receive help from other Friends. However, a crisis unexpectedly befalls them…

Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends airs/streams TUEs 02:35 [01:35 id/th] on ANIPLUS Asia in Southeast Asia.

Encore broadcasts include TUEs 23:00 [22:00], WEDs 18:00 [17:00] and SUNs 21:00 [20:00].

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