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Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again Episode Synopsis

May their love story go on forever…

9 Jun 2024

Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 10 “Grandpa and Grandma’s Daily Life” premieres on 9 June, 23:00 [22:00 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Mondays 16:30 [15:00 id/th] and Thursdays 22:00 [21:00 id/th].



Episode 10 【Grandpa and Grandma’s Daily Life】

Ever since she received the apple tree seedling, Mino begins visiting Shozo’s place more often.

One day, she suggests putting on some Halloween costumes with Shozo and Ine. On Halloween day, she brings Shota along, only to be surprised by Shozo and Ine’s appearance.

Sometime after, Mino and Shota are forced to take shelter at a shrine after being caught in the rain on their way to the apple orchard.

A streak of lightning strikes the shrine while a black-haired Shozo and Ine suddenly appear. While Mino and Shota remain confused, Shozo and Ine begin talking about something serious.



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 9 【Grandpa, Grandma, and the Summer Festival】

On the day of the summer festival at the local shrine, Mino puts on the cute yukata she received from Ine. When she learns that Ine doesn’t have a yukata for herself, she contacts her mother, Kaede, and prepares a beautiful yukata for her.

That night, Ine enjoys wandering around the festival stalls with Shozo. However, it seems that Ine is troubled by something on her mind.

In her dream, she was told about her remaining days as she watched the sand in the hourglass almost run out. She informs Shozo that she only has seven days left.

Shocked by the sudden news, Shozo can’t help but hug Ine and pray to the god.



Episode 8 【A New Grandpa and Grandma Appears】

At the university library, Shiori meets Satoshi, a medical student, who helps her with her studies. Satoshi is researching about an old local legend about “turning young”.

His grandparents, Hajime Takahashi and Setsu, had suddenly turned young one day.

Upon hearing his story, Shiori quickly arranges for Shozo and Ine to meet the Takahashi couple.

Shozo and Hajime hit it off immediately. Ine and Setsu also become friends but compete over their own husbands being the best. Without knowing the reason, Shozo and Hajime are made to compete in a best-of-three contest.



Episode 7 【Grandpa and Grandma’s Honeymoon Trip (Atami Edition)】

Shozo and the others arrive in Atami and check in to a fancy hot spring inn. While they have decided that the male and female should sleep separately, Mino wants her grandparents to have their alone time during their honeymoon.

As a result, Mino and Shota end up sharing a room as they spend their night nervously.

The next day, Shozo finds himself back in his old self.

Nevertheless, he fully enjoys himself at the beach, but is disappointed when Ine refuses to put on a bikini. While dealing with Shozo’s pleading, Ine savours her happy moments.



Episode 6 【Grandpa and Grandma’s Honeymoon Trip (Tokyo Edition)】

Shozo and Ine plan their itinerary as the day of their long-awaited Atami honeymoon approaches.

On top of inviting Shota, who is familiar with Tokyo, as their guide, they also invite Mino to join them. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Shozo and Ine visit the home of their oldest daughter, Akemi.

Shozo’s great-grandson, Kosuke, is shocked by the uncanny similarity in appearance between young Shozo and his grandson, Shinji, but they somehow manage to explain the situation.

The next day, the group go sightseeing in Tokyo. While garnering attention, the couple enjoy delicious food, use the photo sticker machine for the first time, and fully immerse themselves in the honeymoon.



Episode 5 【Grandma’s Memories Turn Young Again】

Ine’s memories suddenly turn young, to the state before she met Shozo, leading to her believe that she as time-travelled several decades into the future.

Despite her confusion, she is curious as to why she chose to marry Shozo and asks him to make her fall in love with him again.

At the same time, Yoshiaki and Mino pay them a visit. Ine tries to act as her usual self, so as not to worry them, but struggle with her dialect and cooking.

Although her memories remain absent, she feels affection for Mino, who looks up to her.



Episode 4 【Grandpa, Grandma, and the School Festival】

Mino invites Shozo and Ine to the Kitamachi High School cultural festival. Ine is thrilled at the thought of going to school with Shozo.

On the day of the festival, by an unexpected turn of events, Ine puts on a sailor uniform and reverts to her behavior from her days when she was known as a beauty beyond everyone’s reach.

While Shozo gets excited by the sight of that, Ine quickly returns to her usual self. They then proceed to enjoy the cultural festival, visiting the maid cafe by Mino’s class and other stalls.

Meanwhile, Shota, whom Mino is interested in, is planning to invite Mino to the closing campfire.



Episode 3 【Grandpa Turns Back Into a Grandpa】

Ever since Shozo and Ine turned young again, they have been seeing dreams of a mysterious hourglass.

One night, Shozo accidentally flips the hourglass in his dream and finds himself back in his old body the next morning.

While feeling dejected, Shozo regains his determination to go on the honeymoon after Ine tells him to not disparage being old Shozo.

Ine treasures Shozo no matter his appearance, but worries that she will be left alone if Shozo continues to grow old and passes away before her.



Episode 2 【Grandpa and Grandma’s Kids】

Shozo and Ine’s granddaughter, Shiori, pays a visit. Shiori’s father, also Shozo and Ine’s second son, Takahiro, excelled in his studies and became a doctor.

Shiori aims to follow in her father’s footsteps, but has many worries about her studies and friends, and ended up having a fight with Takahiro.

Ine warmly welcomes Shiori and encourages her. Later, Shozo and Ine go for a check-up at Takahiro’s hospital. Despite having heard about it, Takahiro fails to hide his surprise and confusion at his parents who have turned young again.

Upon receiving examination results that both his parents are healthy, Takahiro sheds tears of relief.



Episode 1 【Grandpa, Grandma, and Sports Day】

The loving elderly couple, Shozo and Ine, wake up one day to mysteriously find themselves back in their youth.

Their granddaughter, Mino, is surprised to see her gorgeous-looking grandparents. Not only that, she develops a crush on the now handsome Shozo.

While the people around them are shocked, they gradually come to accept the couple as their relationship remains unchanged.

Meanwhile, sports day is approaching. Shozo’s hometown, Minamimachi, comprises mainly of elderly residents, while their rival, Kitamachi, is populated by many young people. The elderlies of Minamimachi pin their hopes on the now young Shozo and Ine.



ANIPLUS Asia is simulcasting Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again with recap and new episodes every Sunday 22:30 [21:30 id/th]. Encores start at Mondays 16:30 [15:00 id/th] and Thursdays 22:00 [21:00 id/th].


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