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An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride Episode Synopsis

The fluffy romcom between a socially inept sorcerer and a beautiful elf girl begins!

13 Jun 2024

An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride Episode 12 “Moonlit Soirees Are Lovely, but Too Soon for the Socially Awkward” premieres on 13 June, 24:30 [23:30 id/th]. Recap and latest episode encores start at Fridays 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Mondays 21:00 [20:00 id/th].



Episode 12 【Moonlit Soirees Are Lovely, but Too Soon for the Socially Awkward】

After the incident at Marchosias’ castle, Foll continues writing her diary.

As she observes the awkward interactions between Zagan and Nephy, Raphael, the newly hired butler, covers her eyes and tells her that she is too young for those.

One day, while shopping in town to prepare for a dinner party in the castle with Chastille, Zagan’s group drops by Manuela’s store, where they find a broken gramophone that was brought over by some children from the back alleys.



Recap the previous episodes below:

Episode 11 【It’s Still a Holy Knight’s Duty to Slay Evil Monsters】

Raphael is gravely injured while protecting Foll from the attack of a Chimera, that was released by the impact from the clash of the two Holy Swords.

He reveals to Foll his relationship with her father, Orbas the Wise, and Orbas’ final moments, as well as an impending crisis that will threaten the world.

Afterwards, Chastille, who steeled her resolve after hearing Nephy’s words, joins forces with Zagan to defeat the Chimera. Witnessing this, Raphael makes a certain request to Chastille…



Episode 10 【Any Parent Would Be Desperate if Their Daughter Ran Away】

Zagan, who has been sleeping on his throne, awakens to news from Nephy that Foll has gone missing.

Despite enjoying her life as Zagan and Nephy’s adopted daughter, Foll cannot shake off her desire for vengeance against the Holy Knights and heads to the Archdemon Hall in search of new power.

Foll confronts Raphael, who has been secretly following her, and realizes the connection between her murdered father and the Holy Knight Raphael…



Episode 9 【I’d Rather Not Be Caught up in the Holy Knights’ Messy Affairs】

The most fearsome Holy Sword wielder, Raphael appears before Zagan and Barbatos in a tavern.

Rapahel informs them that Chastille, who defied orders to defeat Zagan, is awaiting punishment from the church, and then takes his leave.

Back at the castle, Barbatos arrives using a teleportation spell. He is seen carrying Chastille, who has been poisoned by someone. Chastille recalls being summoned by a mysterious figure before she collapsed.



Episode 8 【The Dragon I Took in Likes Me, so I Made Her My Daughter】

After her attacks on the castle were easily fended off by Zagan, the dragon girl Foll ends up freeloading at Zagan’s castle as Nephy’s assistant.

Stuck at his research on demons, Zagan brings Foll, who is both a sorcerer and a dragon, to the castle of the former Archdemon, Marchosias, for a re-investigation.

In an archive hidden by a dragon spell, they uncover a new fact about the Archdemon seals and the Twelve Holy Swords…



Episode 7 【Not Even an Archdemon Should Threaten a Little Child】

Zagan defeated Barbatos and saved Nephy. Having conveyed their feelings for each other, Zagan and Nephy become closer than ever.

While Zagan investigates about the demon summoned from Barbatos’s magic circle, a sorcerer clads in armor, named Phantom Valefor, appears.

On the other hand, Chastille, who defied orders to defeat Zagan who is now an Archdemon, is suspended from her duties as Commander of the Holy Order.



Episode 6 【Acting High and Mighty Comes with Being an Archdemon】

Having escaped from the shadow, Manuela informs Zagan about Nephy being abducted.

However, concerned about his new title as an Archdemon, Zagan hesitates to go to Nephy’s rescue. It turns out that the owner of the shadow who abducted Nephy and Chastille is Barbatos.

Nephy reveals that Zagan has been chosen as an Archdemon, enraging Barbatos as he attempts to harm Nephy. At that moment, a magical explosion causes the rock wall to collapse, covering the area in dust as Zagan makes his entrance.



Episode 5 【A Broken Heart Hurts a Lot Physically, Too】

Zagan has succeeded the title “Archdemon”. Worried about Nephy’s future, Zagan removes her collar and coldly drives her away.

In town, Chastille approaches Nephy upon finding her alone in an alley. Manuela brings them to a tavern, where Nephy learns the relationship between the church and the archdemons.

Suddenly, a black shadow, who identifies himself as “Zagan”, appears in the tavern and abducts Nephy and the others.



Episode 4 【An Archdemon’s Invitation is Guaranteed Trouble, Just Say No】

Having witnessed Zagan being injured while protecting her from the Holy Knights, Nephy loses control and unleashes a powerful elf magic to fend off the knights.

That night, Nephy opens up to Zagan about her past of being called the “cursed child”. Zagan accepts everything and takes her as an apprentice in sorcery.

One day, half a month after Nephy was brought to the castle, Zagan is summoned by the “Archdemons”—the greatest of all sorcerers.



Episode 3 【It’s Downright Terrifying When the Quiet Ones Snap】

Although now living together with Nephy, the elf girl he fell in love with at first sight, Zagan does not neglect his magic research.

While explaining the workings of magic to Nephy in the library, Zagan’s magic barrier detects an intruder in his territory.

Zagan steps out to check on it and encounters Chastille, a Holy Knight from the church, also known as “Maiden of the Sacred Sword”, who is under orders to defeat Zagan.



Episode 2 【First Love for the Socially Awkward Tastes Like Mouldy Bread】

One night has passed since Zagan brought the elf girl, Nephy, back to his castle. After receiving a meat jerky from Zagan for breakfast, Nephy offers to cook for him.

While thrilled by the idea of a homemade meal from someone he loves, Zagan prepares to head to town for ingredients, only to realize he does not have any money for transportation after spending everything on Nephy.

Left with no choice, he walks to town. Along the way, he stumbles upon a carriage under attack by bandits…



Episode 1 【First Love is a Nasty Disease Everyone Suffers Once】

Zagan is an evil sorcerer feared by many.

Invited by Barbatos, a friend who is also a bad influence, Zagan attends an underground auction, where he encounters a white-haired elf girl, Nephy, who was put up for auction as part of what the late Demon Lord left behind. Using his entire fortune, Zagan brings Nephy back to his castle.

However, the socially inept Zagan does not know how to interact with Nephy and ends up flustered all the time. What will become of their daily lives staying together?



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