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Shafiq Bin Mansor
Country: Malaysia
Mr Kamen Rider & Wife ( Kamen Rider Wedding )

When i was a kid, i used to watch an anime called SD Kamen Rider My passion towards kamen rider began to grew and after watching the anime, i started watching the tv series and over time the love towards kamen rider grew along the way. After graduating from high school, i now have extra pocket money which i managed to save on my own accord, i began collection kamen rider toys, belt , figures and many more. Who would have thought, from one anime as a kid leads me to where i am today. At the age of 25, i've finally settled down and got married to the girl of my dreams who supports my passion. We even had a Kamen Rider wedding which went viral in my county a few weeks back. Therefore, for the photo submission, i would like to submit a photo which was captured during the wedding, Mr Rider & Wife